AZ International


Since 20 years temporary employment agency work and placement of firm orders and self-employed.

Founded in 1994, we are an independent company in the field of placement services as well as we work in civil works contracting. In our extensive personnel pool you will find numerous self-employed and freelance professionals as well as specialized staff from more than 400 labor leasing and framework contract companies and their related branches throughout Europe. In total we have access to about 25.000 employees. Worldwide we can provide you fast, straightforward and realiable qualified employees as temporary employment or in firm orders or frame contract.

As qualifications we offer:

Long branch expertise, most modern equipment with a world wide database links, continuous quality controls of provided employees and therefore a competent variety of employees from an industrial personal leasing composite.

Offer for lenders: Procuration in the frame of AÜG (Arbeitnehmerüberlassungsgesetz, German law on temporary work) qualified employees.

AZ International

Since we are not holding the official permit for temporary employee hiring, we are an independent company with its focus on procurements according to the laws on temporary work (AÜG- Arbeitnehmerüberlassungsgesetz). That means by continuous customer acquisition and intensive contact to medium- and large-scaled enterprises nation-wide we can connect your qualified employees according to law. As qualification we can offer: Many years of experience, most modern equipment, Europe-wide database, computer-matching, permanent market observations, large order volumes through national and international contacts and personal search in contracts, looking for contract companies, industrial employees.

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Our services:
• Temporary employment agencies for skilled workers
• Temporary employment agencies for power plants
• Temporary employment agencies for electrical engineering personnel
• Temporary employment agencies for foreign installation work
• Temporary employment agencies for mechanical and plant engineering
• Temporary employment agencies for steel construction
• Temporary employment agencies for pipeline construction
• Temporary employment agencies
• Temporary employment agencies for high-qualified technical personnel
• Temporary employment agencies for trade fairs

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