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Aztek is a full service digital agency, here to help your organisation grow and develop through our complete range of marketing services.

We specialise in branding, digital marketing, web design, ecommerce, SEO and application development, with a team of industry experts ready to help you reach your business goals. We make marketing work for you, with outstanding results.


Your brand and visual identity help customers choose you over a competitor. We work with you to create a brand that reflects your core values and who you are as a business.


How can you let your potential clients know and understand how great your business and offering is? How do they know what your products or services are about and what you stand for? A great brand will do this and more. It is how your business is recognised and perceived by all of those who see it. Your brand is who you are as a business and your visual identity is the visual way that you communicate your brand.

Visual identity includes your logo, the fonts you use, which images you choose and the style in which it all comes together. If you get it right, it is much easier to reach new clients and to retain your existing business.



Web Design & Development

We believe web design is about much more than whether a website looks good. We don't just design pages, we create an experience that makes the user want to interact with you.

We work in a tailored and bespoke way to create the website your business needs, but there is a process that we will take you through to get there. 

Our design services include planning your website structure so that pages are logically arranged, and your key messages are easily accessible. Each and every page gives the visitor all the information they need in a prompt and simple way, meaning that the user experience as a whole is satisfying. Ultimately, the aim is for your business to make a sale, or gain a lead or sign up, depending on your goals and the business you’re in.

Web Design & Development


We build ecommerce websites that are easy to use and manage and will support your business, now and as it grows.

Ecommerce is growing, and fast. Market share has increased from 5% to 15% in the last 10 years and continues to grow rapidly.

Consumers want convenience and to shop in their own way. They don’t want to waste time driving to a store, finding a parking space and waiting in a queue to pay.

They want to be able to order what they want, when they want.


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing allows you to reach your target audience with highly relevant content, promoting your services, tracking results and saving you money.


Our expert team will guide you through the process of creating Google Ads, with the right message for your audience, choosing the best keywords and selecting relevant queries to reach the people you’re targeting.

Your costs can be managed in advance, so your budget works hard to deliver the results you need. We take you through the process of planning the campaign, creating the assets and evaluating the results through metrics and optimisation to get even more from your campaigns.


Social media, such as Facebook and Instagram are ideal platforms for you to market your business. You can stand out as being an expert in your field, take the opportunity to promote your latest product range or run a promotion for your new services. We can help you identify your target audience and tailor your message to achieve your business goal – whether that might be enquiries about your new service or leads for your sales team.

Our experience means we can help you say exactly the right message, to exactly the right audience, in exactly the right place – with control over your budget and results.


One of the oldest forms of digital marketing, email is arguably even more important today than it has been before. It can be a cost-effective way to reach your audience, whether you’re speaking to potential or existing customers. You can use email marketing to communicate with your audience, building relationships and communicating relevant offers and information.

We help you create engaging email communications that are interactive and generate results for your business.

Digital Marketing


We help get your website to rank higher for the relevant searches, get more website visitors, with measurable and effective results.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO includes many activities and strategies to promote your business in search engine results pages.

We are experienced in on-site SEO and use several strategies to optimise your website and get it seen by more of your potential customer base. Our approach includes optimising the actual code, proper use of tags, semantic content and links. This helps search engines better understand your content and therefore rank you higher in searches. We make the process simple and deliver measurable results for you and your business. We begin with an in-depth analysis of your website, creating a strategy and delivering measurable results.


Web & Mobile App development

Whether web or mobile based, our apps are smarter and friendlier ways for your customers to engage with technology. However complex your data and information, we translate it into a meaningful and simple experience for the user. The apps we create are loved not only by the businesses we create them for, but, more importantly, by the people who use them, again and again. Your users enjoy a great experience and you see tangible business results.

If you need a CRM or ERP system, an online forum or a bespoke payment platform, for example, we can build an app that works for you and your customers.


Our web-based apps are bespoke and tailored to your exact needs, so you don’t need to adapt your processes to suit an off-the-shelf solution. This software is easily scalable, so it grows with your business and is more cost-effective in the long term.

Our apps also integrate with third party systems through an API, offering you complete flexibility. You can be reassured that our web-based apps are secure and compliant, giving you peace of mind.


We also develop mobile apps for both iOS and Android. These can be standalone apps or an extension of your web-based app or system.

We create effective UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) designs that work hand in hand to guide the user through the app, and towards your business goals.

Web & Mobile App development

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