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B+B Electronics Manufacturing Company designs, manufactures, and supports data communication products for industrial and commercial applications around the world. With over 28 years of experience, B+B Electronics is the expert to handle all your automation and communication needs. B&B Electronics are your serial and data communication experts

Industrial Ethernet

Industrial Ethernet is the most popular and widely deployed network in the world. Ethernet serial device servers,  ethernet switches, ethernet media converters and ethernet extenders all make connecting industrial ethernet equipment to this network easy, reliable and expandable.

Ethernet Switches

Infrastructure products are designed to efficiently divide and separate your network to improve communications and speed by reducing errors and limiting traffic. In addition they can increase the size of your network and extend the distance while introducing the smallest amount of latency.


Whether you need to communicate a few meters or a few miles, convert from any of several serial standards to 802.11, Proprietary RF or Bluetooth, or set up an industrial wireless network, we have the solutions.

USB Connectivity

USB has moved beyond the desktop. Now used in point-of-sale, medical and industrial equipment, industrial USB provides a universal solution for device connectivity. B&B Electronics offers a wide range of USB equipment, including USB to serial converters, i.e. USB to RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 as well as robust, isolated USB hubs, surge suppression, USB extension, cabling and more.


Serial Connectivity

At B&B Electronics, we excel at all things serial. With the broadest selection of RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 connectivity devices on the market, we have the tools to make your connections… no matter what EIA standard you are using

Data Acquisition

Data acquisition modules from B&B Electronics handle a broad range of analog and digital remote I/O and deliver that data over serial, Ethernet, USB or wireless connections. Compact, low cost modules fit a variety of applications to monitor sensors and control processes or equipment.

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