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We are well equipped with a wide selection of chemical cleaning processes and technology to offer a flexible, economic alternative to replacing your components. 

We specialise in chemical cleaning, industrial degreasing, ultrasonic cleaning, and refurbishment of a wide range of components that require de-contaminating.

The specific technologies in operation at our Blackburn facility include:

  • Ultrasonic
  • Pyrolysis
  • Super heated steam
  • Alkali and solvent systems

These processes can often be tailored to your bespoke needs. 


We have a selection of engineering capabilities to manufacture and design of tailor-made machinery and equipment to suit your specific requirements.

As part of our engineering service, we have manufactured specially commissioned ultrasonic tanks that are used in Europe and the Far East.


Clean Room (Class 5 Clean Room Facility)

We are able to offer a clean room (clean 5 clean room facility) service that has been upgraded to comply with International Standard ISO 14644 Class 5.

Our clean room (class 5 clean room facility) offers an area where you can perform precision cleaning of a wide range of components. The components can also be washed in mineral water, vacuum oven dried and packaged securely. This is performed all in a clean room (Class 5 clean room facility) environment.

Clean Room (Class 5 Clean Room Facility)

Pyrolysis Ovens

As part of our component cleaning service, we have developed our pyrolysis ovens system. There have been many advances in the use of pyrolysis ovens and their application and we have refined this process to meet your needs.

We have a selection of standard pyrolysis ovens. If you have special requirments, we can design and manufacture one for you.

Basically pyrolysis ovens use thermal and chemical decomposition of organic material in the absence of oxygen.

Pyrolysis Ovens


We have many years of experience in cleaning polymer contaminated items. This collection of knowledge and expertise has been channelled into the development of our DEECOM® system.

Our DEECOM® system offers:

  • Improved cleaning performance
  • Extended filter life
  • Reduced energy usage and process costs
  • Improved health and safety conditions
  • Environmentally sound 

DEECOM® was developed from a patented concept alongside B & M Longworth's commercial cleaning operations which include high temperature solvent and pyrolysis primary processing techniques. Under these commercial conditions DEECOM® has been proven capable of improving on cleaning performance while reducing costs and improving working conditions and environmental impacts. The system is fast becoming the cleaning method of choice across our range of customers in the polymer producing market.


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