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We provide control panel assembly and solutions for all types of applications and market sectors. We have proven standard designs for control panel assemblies, motor control centres, instrumentation control equipment, and consoles.

If your control panel assembly request is a little more specific, our team of engineers and designers can offer you a bespoke solution. We have recently completed a custom project for HVAC equipment, water treatment plant control centres and a sizeable project for British Telecom where we customised generator control panels with remote control via a GSM link and internal intelligence.

LV Switchboards

We also produce and supply LV switchboards, or low voltage switchboards. Our LV switchboards are rated up to 6300A and they are all in accordance with BSEN 60439-1-1999 and all the busbar systems have a full ASTA certification.

We work within the remit of BSEN ISO9001 and we pride ourselves on the quality of our LV switchboards and the details. You also have the ability to track the design and manufacture process.

LV Switchboards

U.P.S and D.C. Power Systems

We are a dynamic and successful company and have been established since 1989. Since 1994, we have been working with U.P.S. and D.C. power systems suppliers.

Our U.P.S and D.C. power systems include the supply, commissioning, service, and installation of the following:

  • Parallel U.P.S and rectifier systems
  • Rectifier / battery chargers up to 1500A
  • Battery systems, small and large
  • L.V. generators up to 1 Mva
  • LV distribution boards up to 4000A
  • U.P.S systems up to 4000A
U.P.S and D.C. Power Systems

Energy Metering

We have a selection of energy metering and products to monitor energy and we use equipment from one particular quality instrument maker.

These energy metering products are applied throughout the world in many different applications from power grid transmission to multi-tenanted properties.

Our energy metering range includes:

  • Transducers that are programmable
  • Class 0.2, 0.5, 1, and active power
  • Semaphore, panel instruments
  • Data logging, load control
  • Current, temperature
  • Frequency, harmonics, voltage
  • Power, import/export
  • Reactive power, apparent
Energy Metering

Smart Home Installations

We offer smart homes installations that are cutting edge and installed in a customised way. Whatever you are looking for, from home cinema to a multi room smart home, we can help.

Our smart home installations service includes multi-room AV systems, home cinema systems and intelligent alarm systems. We have a demo suite available to have a look at the options available and you can speak directly to our technical staff.

Smart Home Installations

Electronics Assembly

We can provide you with a quality electronics assembly service that will satisfy all your requirements from conception through prototyping, approval testing and full production.

Our electronics assembly service includes PCB assembly, product build, engineering support, procurement, and customer support.

We offer the following services:

  • Fully Automated SMT placement machinery
  • Multi Zone SMT Reflow Over
  • Full SMT rework / Inspection Facility
  • Dedicated manual assembly stations
  • No-Clean Flow soldering process
  • Conformal Coating facility
Electronics Assembly

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