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Glass Splashbacks can have many uses. For example, Wall Panels, creating a vibrant and bright effect to any dull hall way or corridor. They can also be used for:

  • Table Tops
  • Shelving
  • Radiators Covers
  • Kitchen Splashbacks
  • Work Tops
  • Breakfast Bars

Glass splashbacks can also be used in wet rooms, bath panels and shower enclosures giving the appearance of a bright vibrant easy to clean look.

Coloured Glass Splashback

Vibrant colours, contemporary style and a luxurious feel....
This is what Coloured Glass Splashbacks are all about. 

Our beautiful back painted coloured glass splashbacks and panels will enable you to create a special atmosphere in your home or office, making your space truly unique. Coloured back painted glass panels are a stylish, modern and practical way to brighten up your kitchen, bathroom or living room.

Coloured Glass Splashback


The use of coloured glass splashbacks has increased dramatically over the past few years.

What started out as an alternative to a few courses of tiles behind a vanity or sink has grown to become a new way of designing, building and decorating specific areas of your hom e. For example in the bathroom, all walls can be covered by splashbacks. Get creative and use splashbacks to create features in the living room, bedroom or entrance area.

We can provide custom colored splashbacks, to fit in with almost any design, so why not contact us for more information.

Why choose Splashbacks?

  • Splashbacks create a modern, contemporary look
  • Made from 6mm toughened glass
  • Often they are a single panel or comprise a small number of panels, so there are a minimal number of joints
  • The issue of the grout in tiles attracting dirt and grime is avoided
  • They are easy to clean
  • As the colour is applied to the surface next to the wall it cannot be scratched, nor will it loose its colour
  • You may choose any RAL or BS colour as standard, or any colour can be matched for a small added charge

Shower Screens

In a hectic world, a bathroom is an oasis, a quiet place to relax and indulge yourself. More than merely functional, a bathroom should be beautiful, a place to pamper yourself, to shut the door and let the world drift away for a few precious moments every day.

At SRF Glass, our large range of shower screens will provide all the inspiration you need to create your own perfect oasis.

Frameless shower screens give a bathroom the look of luxury and a style that is timeless.

For the most exquisite in shower screen design, the SRF Glass Frameless range is uncompromising in its design and quality. With elegant simplicity, our shower screens will offer a spacious, beautiful look that cannot be matched for performance or style.

We use only an exclusive range of finely crafted hinges and hardware. This stunning range offers a choice that will enhance your screen design and complete the luxury finish of your bathroom.

Depending on your design and operating requirements, SRF Glass shower screens can be fixed into place with either bracket or channel fixing. Correct installation and optimum performance is guaranteed by our team of professionally qualified craftsmen.

For enduring elegance, look no further!

Shower Screens

Interior Architectural

Glass usage in the country has been growing dramatically over the past decade. We all like our houses and buildings to open up to the environment and be flooded with natural light. Architects and decorators are innovatively using glass for a variety of applications from skylights to partitions, balustrades to staircases and many-many more that make our surroundings look more spacious and beautiful. In the past, this has led to a tradeoff with safety, security, energy efficiency and noise insulation. Recent advances in glass technology show how one can achieve the following:

  • Safety
  • Enhance lifestyle
  • Improve natural lighting
  • Improve thermal and acoustic performance of buildings

While glass offers superior aesthetic looks and flexibility in its use and application, the most perceived drawback of glass is strength. This has resulted in forcing both architects and consumer to use glass restrictively in exterior and interior application. However, with recent advances and better technology the same concerns have very much reduced through effective application of toughened glass. 4-5 times stronger than ordinary glass, toughened glass is used traditionally in place of other glass products in applications requiring increased strength and reduced likelihood of injury in the event of breakage.

Interior Architectural

Exterior Architectural

Frameless Assemblies

Fully frameless glass shop front provides a clean, clear unbroken lined shop front that reflects to your customers the standard of professional service you will provide them with. Nothing beats the look of the exposed polished edge of a thick glass shop front that a fully frameless shop front provides.

  • New Installs
  • Frameless Glass doors to existing openings with in floor door closers.
  • Replacing tired old framed doors
  • Patch fittings and door closers supplies and replacement.
  • Professional tradesmen service of all fittings and adjustments
Framed Assemblies

Have an idea for a framed glass shop front or one that needs replacing? SRF Glass can help! Feel free to contact us for more information.
  • Anodised or powder coated aluminium frames (various colours)
  • All designs are custom made to meet your needs
  • Fully framed glass doors come complete with all hardware needed including stainless steel fittings and handles
  • Choose from clear, obscured or image enhanced laminated glass to ensure you get exactly what you need
  • All meeting British Building Regulations
Custom Designs

We can work with an idea you have or work with you to create a shopfront that is both secure and appealing, to your business. You can utilise either framed or fully frameless assembles to create the look you need.
Exterior Architectural

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