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B2B International is a leading business-to-business market research consultancy that specialises in carrying out tailored market research for businesses, government departments, educational institutions and medical specialists.  Through our offices in Manchester (UK), New York (USA) and Beijing (China), we carry out worldwide research for local, national and global organisations.

Our specialisation is borne out of 30 years' B-to-B market research experience, having managed over 1,000 market research projects covering all different industry sectors - from chemicals to construction, education to engineering, food to finance - throughout the world.  Our areas of specialisation include: Acquisition research, advertising research, competitor intelligence, corporate positioning/branding, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, market assessment, market entry, market tracking, new product development, pricing strategy and segmentation.

Highly skilled in data collection, analysis and reporting, we answer the most difficult questions facing your business and really add value by turning the information we gather into clear, actionable findings

Branding Research

Market research indicates that 5% of a company's stock value can be directly attributed to the company's brand image.

While consumer companies have for many years acknowledged how the important role that branding and branding research play, they remain somewhat neglected in b2b markets. In fact, so passionately do we believe in the value of building a strong corporate position, that we feel this is the only real way to ensure differentiation when it comes to industrial products.

Branding Research

Competitive Intelligence

competitive intelligence study is vital for understanding the overall competitive environment in which you operate, and for helping you to make strategic decisions.  Typical sources of a competitive intelligence market research study include:

  • Analysis of industry press/journals/databases
  • Analysis of competitor websites
  • Conducting competitor pricing research
  • Carrying out interviews with competitors, customers, suppliers, distributors, industry associations and other industry experts
  • Speaking to internal sales teams, account managers, etc
  • Analysis of government/publicly held records
Competitive Intelligence

Customer Satisfaction Research

The majority of businesses lose 45%-50% of existing customers every five years; securing new customers can be 20 times more costly than retaining your existing clients; a mere 5% reduction in customer defection rates has been known to improve profits by up to 85%...

In light of these statistics, it is crucial to understand why customers choose one supplier over another. Our customer satisfaction studies will help you do just this, and will aid you in maintaining satisfied and loyal customers.

Customer Satisfaction Research

Market Entry Research

Our market entry studies are vital for companies who are weighing up the important decision of whether to enter a new market(s).  They may be asking questions such as:

  • What size is our target market? Is it big enough for us to make a success of it?
  • Will our offering have to be adjusted to meet the target market's needs?  If so, how?
  • What are the recommended routes to market?
  • How do we get a foothold in the market? For example, should we set up a subsidiary, consider a joint-venture?
  • What are the most suitable marketing/promotion methods in the new target market?
  • How should we be pricing our offering in the new market?

Our market entry research doesn't just provide the answers; it provides practical and actionable recommmendations. To find out more, contact our Market Entry Research Team.

Market Entry Research

Pricing Strategy

How do you increase profits? Either you sell more, cut your costs or raise your prices.  And the easiest of these three?  Definitely raising prices.

Yet, most people understand that there is a link beween the price we charge and the volume we sell.  Raise your prices by too much and customers may switch to a competitor or a cheaper substitute, or simply stop buying altogether.                  

Getting the price right is such an important decision for any company and should not be left to chance.  B2B International's pricing research helps you to understand the price-value relationship through the eyes of your customers, and ultimately helps you to maximise profits.

Pricing Strategy

Product Development Research

New product development is essential to every company's existence.  Without a concerted product development effort and the introduction of new/improved products and services, growth will be stifled and profits will suffer.

Sucessful product development research looks to uncover any gaps in the market by getting to the heart of what existing and potential customers do and don't value.

It's important to remember that product development research is not simply about the product itself; to be most beneficial, it may need to assess other elements, including packaging, advertising and pricing strategy.

To find out more, please contact B2B International's New Product Development Research Team

Product Development Research

Segmentation Research

How B2B Segmentation Studies Can Help

B2B International's market research will help you segment your market and thus create appropriate and effective marketing strategies for groups of like-minded customers.  With our help you can:

  • Differentiate products and services according to your customers' needs
  • Tailor your offering and pricing strategy to suit the markets that have greatest potential
  • Better target your marketing/selling efforts
  • Focus on creating products or services that are highly profitable
  • Create and sustain a competitive advantage

To learn more about how we can help you get the most out of your customers, contact our Segmentation Research Team.

Segmentation Research
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