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Here at B2B Marketing we are currently assisting over 200,000 marketers from across the globe by allowing them to utilise our world-class training, events, and research resources online through the use of our website to help transform their marketing results.

B2B Video Marketing

Whether you’ve had experience with video marketing or not, this guide will help you catch your targeted audience by showing use the most effective ways to take advantage of video marketing. It offers up-to-date guidance on areas such as the storytelling power of video and advice on making video work for your brand.

This may help you:

  • Create compelling video stories for your brand.
  • Ensure your video is right for your audience and fits within your wider marketing strategy.
  • Tie video to the buying cycle.
  • Learn from the brands that are using video successfully.
B2B Video Marketing

B2B Marketing Training

Here at B2B marketing we offer everything from topic-specific courses to structured marketing certification for your entire team, B2B Marketing Training provides a high quality professional training service dedicated to B2B marketers to ensure you get the most for your money. All sessions are delivered by topic experts and feature a combination of both case studies and the most up-to-date best practice guidance by providing focused skills development.

B2B Market Research

Market research. An essential element to acquire clear communication, minimising risk and building your reputation. Here at B2B marketing we will help you do just that. We’ll help you find that compromise that customers both need and want in regards to their desired products and services. Technology grants a company endless possibilities to achieve whatever they desire; with the correct market research this can result in substantial profits and invaluable consumer feedback. So, becoming the strongest competitor in your market and improve, evolve and craft the products and services that your customers want.

B2B Company

Becoming a member with us not only delivers insight, inspiration and professional development to tailor your needs but it also allows you to be among the best. Once a member you’ll have exclusive access to our unique online resources, connecting you with the knowledge, guidance, inspiration and confidence to help you and your team shine. B2B is a fast paced environment. The faster the changes occur, the more difficult it becomes for you to get your strategies in place.

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