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Whether you need steam, hot water or superheated water production for your process heating application, at Babcock Wanson, we offer you the best boiler house solution with high performance, low emissions and real energy optimisation. We provide:

  • Fire tube steam boilers
  • Hot water boilers
  • Coil type steam boilers
  • Waste heat recovery boilers
  • Thermal fluid heaters
  • Water-tube boilers

Thermal Oxidiser

Gaseous and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) effluent produced by various manufacturing processes have to be treated before being discharged to the atmosphere in order to achieve the limits required by prevailing regulations.


Among the options offered by technology and enforced by regulations, the most effective and widely used for VOC and odour treatment is thermal oxidisers. This technology is indeed regarded as the best available control technology by the various agencies. Pollutant gases are heated to high temperature in a combustion chamber and are fully oxidised before being discharged.


We have experience with over 300 installations of thermal oxidisers for VOC and odour abatment, some with internal heat recovery, others using external heat recovery. We supply:

  • Recuperative oxidisers
  • Regenerative oxidisers
  • Deodorising oxidisers
Thermal Oxidiser

Thermal Fluid Systems

We have a unique expertise in boiler house water treatment solutions, demonstrated through thousands of installations.

Thermal Fluid Systems

Thermal Fluid Heaters

We provide a wide range of thermal fluid heaters for rental so your energy needs are always met whatever the situation.


Within the limit of certain output ranges, our reactive, flexible and economic solutions include boilers on skids or in containers. Our thermal fluid heater solutions include:

  • Boiler fleet: more than 200 mobile boilers and boiler houses
  • Boiler types: steam boilers, rapid steam generators, thermal fluid heaters, containerised boilers, skid-mounted boilers
  • Boiler characteristics: new or recent, fully automatic, overhauled and inspected by approved organisations
  • Boiler range: from 90 kW to 12,000 kW
Thermal Fluid Heaters

Process and Space Air Heaters

Space and process heating are an essential requirement in any industry. We provide complete solutions from project conception to completion of installation.

Process Air Heaters include:

  • Indirect fired air heaters up to 3,000 kW and 300 °C
  • Direct fired air heaters from 3 to 10 t/h

Space Air Heaters include:

  • Gas fired or transfer fluid heaters
  • Air handling units and make-up air heaters
  • Hot air generators
  • Hot water boilers
  • Other equipment
Process and Space Air Heaters

After-Sales Service

Our extensive team of skilled service engineers are fully qualified and trained to respond to any service needs related to your boiler house. We recommend our dedicated after-sales service contract, designed to meet the needs of your system. Our highly skilled and specialist after-sales service engineers use state of the art equipment to make whatever adjustments may be necessary. Spares and on-call services are also available as part of our comprehensive service facility.

After-Sales Service

Refurbishment and Upgrades

We provide refurbishment and upgrade services for all of our steam, hot water and thermal fluid boilers and all your boiler house installation. We commit ourselves to offer you the most recent and suitable technology solutions in order to:

  • Increase your output (temporary or permanent)
  • Implement technical optimisations
  • Upgrade your boilers to current standards as well as prepare for periodic third party inspections
  • Refurbish and repair your installations
  • Increase your installation efficiency
Refurbishment and Upgrades

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