Babcock Wanson (UK) Ltd

Whether you need steam, hot water or superheated water production for your process heating application, at Babcock Wanson, we offer you the best boiler house solution with high performance, low emissions and real energy optimisation. We provide:

  • Fire tube steam boilers
  • Hot water boilers
  • Coil type steam boilers
  • Waste heat recovery boilers
  • Thermal fluid heaters
  • Water-tube boilers
  1. Air Preheating R-Eco

    Air Preheating R-Eco
    Energy saving and efficiency are key factors for modern industry. One of the most significant energy users in a typical production facility is the boiler and, recognising this, Babcock Wanson offers the R-ECO solution, which provides improvements in boiler efficiency of up to 98%*. The R-ECO is a combination of two technologies:
    1. Combustion air pre-heating: This technology on its own increases the overall boiler but it can also increase the NOx emission.
    2. Flue Gas Recirculation (FGR): FGR helps reduce the formation of NOx emissions in the flue gas to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.
  2. Air Vein Burners

    Air Vein Burners
    Our air vein heat burners have outputs from 100,000 to 30,000,000 kCal/h . The combustion air can arrive at the burner in air vein in two ways: directly from the vein or by means of a fan sucking it up from outside. This is in order to cope with environment variables.

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  3. Bi-blocks Burners

    Bi-blocks Burners
    The main characteristics of our bi-blocks burners are that they can accommodate various fuel options such as gas, oil, or special fuels. They also have excellent combustion performance thanks to internal burner technology.

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  4. BWD Series Fire Tube Steam Boiler

    BWD Series Fire Tube Steam Boiler
    Steam outputs from 1500 kg/h to 8000 kg/h
    The BWD series of Fire Tube Steam Boilers feature three pass design and use a coaxially located furnace tube providing optimum distribution of mechanical stress in operation. This is a key feature for boilers that operate under low or variable steam load and ensures long equipment life. High quality dry steam is provided due to generous steam space and integral separator.
  5. BWR Series Fire Tube Steam Boiler

    BWR Series Fire Tube Steam Boiler
    Steam outputs from 10,000 kg/h to 30,000 kg/h
    BWR Fire Tube Boilers feature three pass design and include a tubular construction flue gas reversal chamber. This proven feature, unique to Babcock Wanson, enhances water circulation thereby greatly reducing the risk of internal fouling (sludge accumulation in the bottom of the boiler). Furnace tie rods are not required and uniform shell expansion gives the flexibility to meet large steam load changes with minimal operational stress. High quality dry steam is provided due to generous steam space and integral separator.
  6. Coil Type Steam Boilers (Rapid Steam Boilers)

    Coil Type Steam Boilers (Rapid Steam Boilers)
    We are a European lead manufacturer of all types of fired steam boilers, offering a wide range of fire tube boilers as well as rapid steam generators (coil type boilers). Based on your steam production needs, we provide you with tailor-made solutions that provide greater savings, increased safety and better reliability.

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  7. Decarbonisation

    We have developed a process to rationalise and limit the size of installations: the Carbomix® is a compact installation in which decarbonisation and softening phases are carried out in a single exchanger.

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  8. Demineralisation by Resin Exchange

    Demineralisation by Resin Exchange
    When the process requires reduced levels of salts in the industrial water supply it is advisable to further purify the feed water. Apart from a demineralisation by reverse osmosis, another solution is a demineralisation by resin exchange: the "HRW process".

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  9. Demineralisation by Reverse Osmosis

    Demineralisation by Reverse Osmosis
    This membrane technique makes possible the reduction of minerals in the water. It has the advantage of not using regenerating products (acid and bases). We have developed a whole range of osmosis equipment, which makes it possible to meet and optimise the needs of industry.

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  10. Deodorising Oxidisers

    Deodorising Oxidisers
    Our Deodorising thermal oxidisers are well known all over the world as the best technology to abate odours and vapour emissions generated by various production processes. They are specifically designed plants tailored to meet the particular requirements of each industrial process.

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