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A fine, powdery product, potato granules are manufactured by us via an intricate process which ensures that the cell structure of the potato remains as undamaged as possible.

This allows for the free starch content to remain low. When remixed with water a non-sticky mashed potato is produced. Applications these potato granules include:

  • Mash mixture
  • Pie toppings
  • Extrusion in the snack industry

Potato Flake

Manufactured from whole potatoes and potato off-cuts, the process of creating potato flake includes thoroughly mashing the cooked potato before it is dried into a slim film on a drum drier.

This allows the potato flake to have a higher absorption for water than granules. They are the preferred product in the binding of a number of ingredients in products which include:

  • Bakery goods
  • Fishcakes
  • Potato waffles
Potato Flake

Potato Dice

We are suppliers of dehydrated potato dice and potato shreds which are used in producing food stuffs such as hasbrowns and rosti's, and other food products.

For any queries you may have regarding potato dice or similar products, contact us now.

Potato Dice

Potato Starch

As well as our already extensive range of products, we now are proud to add native potato starch to our list of dehydrated potato products.

We can supply this potato starch range across the UK and Ireland and we can offer them in 1,000 kilogram bags or as bulk-tank deliveries. If you are looking to purchase a smaller batch, we may be able to offer you the option of 25 kilogram bags.

Potato Starch

Milk Products

If you are looking to choose from an extensive range of milk products, then we have an unrivalled range which is both cost effective and of the highest quality.

Our milk products include:

  • Casein
  • Caseinate
  • Sports nutrition
  • Bait ingredients
Milk Products

Bait Ingredients

We stock a wide range of bait ingredients for use in the production of carp boilies and other bait.

Our bait ingredients products include:

  • Rennet casein
  • Whey protein concentrate
  • Calcium caseinate
  • Egg albumen
  • Full fat soyer flour
Bait Ingredients

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