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The company Bachmann Alutec is specialist for producing refined aluminium- and copper foils as well as composite sheets for technical applications. Different raw materials can be compounded or coated according to requirements.

The results are adhered, laminated, coated, lacquered, printed, stamped, oiled, punched or deformed composite sheets and multilayer films as well as processed surfaces of metal strips which are wrapped on coils and cut to the required length.

Also produced are stamped strips for the insulating industry, aluminium composite foils for technical purposes, e.g. vapour barriers or barrier films.

Bachmann Alutec GmbH

According to the respective customer-specific purpose, reinforced composite foils are produced by affixing tear-resistant reinforcements. In use are: polyester fabric, yarn layers, glass fleece, glass fabric, glass fibers, polyester fleece, thus wovens and nonwovens. They improve tear resistance, the ability to take up shear forces and the stability of the surface. Special adhesive coating, lacquering and possible printings optimize the optics for further processing and final application. Furthermore, the aluminium stripes are oiled, lacquered and punched and formed into aluminium trays for the food industry. Colour-coated aluminium stripes are stiffened by stamping processes and roughened. They serve among others for the production of adhesive tapes and PU foam plates.

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Our products: vapour barrier foils, aluminium composite films, aluminium foils for technical applications, aluminium foils, stamping foils, copper foils, vapour barrier, enamelled aluminium sheets and strips, metal foils, insulating foils and films

Bachmann Alutec GmbH
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