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Backdropsource is the right place to find great deals for all your best studio equipment. We provide very high quality and worthwhile photography kits, backdrops with stands and lighting equipment for professional and amateur photographers. Backdropsource aims to be the chief provider of focused photography products. We strive continually to give you unbiased, honest, and accurate information to help you make the right decision when purchasing from us. All our products are developed and manufactured internally to ensure the highest quality standards with the most competitive prices to all our customers.

2 X 2000 Watt Bi-Color LED Professional Studio Video Lighting Kit

Expand your Creativity Inside Studio Using Led

Most of the photographers choose to invest on LEDs as its economical and effective; has many advantages over traditional lighting. Picture-perfect images start with light sources designed to enhance what the camera sees and the photographer feels.

If, you find yourself shooting in various locations and situations – indoors, outdoors – then you will have a few more lighting requirements than the rest. Things like mobility and portability, functions of weight, size and power source, become vastly important – as does the ability to easily adjust for the color temperature of your light source.

To choose a fast set up, multi-function system that is light in weight and easily portable. Buy 2 x 2000 Watt Bi-Color LED Professional Studio Video Lighting Kit now at Backdropsource.

Designed primarily for studios, features a Large LCD touchscreen to control 100-0% dimming with negligible color shift. Alternatively, you can control the light wirelessly via the included remote control.

Allows repositioning of the mounting knuckle to facilitate vertical or horizontal orientation.An illumination solution that will appeal to stills, film, videographers and industrial /commercial users. Thelight has an equivalent output of 1680 watts of incandescent light.

Delivers a bright, yet soft beam; easier to transport lights and is a perfect solution for projects on-location, where carrying large sized lights becomes impractical. The versatility of this light will make it a necessity to have in your lighting kit. This light is compact in size allowing for it to fit into small areas.

The need for modern, technically advanced LED lighting gear is met by this kit. Suitable for all photographers - professional, hobbyists and amateurs. The perfect mobile studio lighting solution. Available in daylight and bi-color models. This kit makes a small pro kit by itself!

2 point Green screen kit for weather casting


Green screen backgrounds are perfect for taking videos and images to the next level when it comes to professional settings. These screen backgrounds are affordable, accessible and extremely useful for taking images and videos to a higher level.

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If you want to buy green screen backgrounds, choose a reputable company. These backgrounds have been associated with very successful movies in the past as well as several high budget projects. Whether you are designing a big budget production or you are looking for a way to spruce up a company presentation, green screen backgrounds are the best way to go. It is easy to utilize green screen backgrounds to enhance production quality and ensure professionalism that is the privilege of top studios. The green screen background is a hit with one and all due to the following reasons:

Professional Backgrounds:

For professional backgrounds that last long and are user friendly, nothing beats the green screen background. Green screens are generally linked with superimposition of complex as well as interesting backgrounds but they can be used for a whole lot more. A green screen can be used to create stunning white backgrounds for any type of image or video using video-editing tool referred to as Chroma Key. This tool enables the editor to replace the green background with any other colour including white, back, red, green and so many more. Portable green screens can be used to camouflage unprofessional backgrounds and improve the focus of the camera on the individual subject of the video or photography.

Different Locations All In One Go:

Green screen backgrounds can also be used to create vibrant and unique fun-filled backgrounds. This is easy for YouTube content creation as well as the background can be changed rapidly and easily. Green screen backgrounds can be used to transport characters from one exotic location to another in minutes because these type of backgrounds can be easily manipulated.

Branding Bonus:

Green screen backgrounds can be used to superimpose company logos onto the background. This works out really well for brand building presentations and gives the video or image a clean and professional look. It also delivers constant ads to viewers who associate the brand logo with meaningful messages.

Easier to Use:

Green screen backgrounds are also extremely easy to use and they can be set up, brought down and transported from one location to another with considerable ease. Depending upon the complexity of the materials ( used, such screens can be dismantled within minutes or even seconds. Videographers and photographers can really benefit from these green screen backgrounds as they are easy to use and put up.

The Affordability Factor:

Green screen backgrounds ( are extremely cheap and reasonably priced. Though they have been used for many big bucks productions, these screens can also be used by budget conscious videographers. Frame as well as the screen can be easily attached onto any setting and used quite effectively. Its reusability makes a green screen background extremely economical to use.

Taking Production To Another Level:

Green screen technology improves the quality and production of any video or presentation quite considerably. Rather than opting for the same old technology, use green screen backgrounds to make sure your video stands out. Green screen technology even helps videographers and photographers to eliminate the green or blue screen backgrounds. Green screen is a software that is easy to use and involves the chroma key removal program in the absence of any other editing application (

All in all, green screen backgrounds are extremely useful for enhancing the quality and appeal of any video, presentation, production or image. Choose green screen backgrounds and watch the benefits multiply.

Whether you require continuous lighting kits for photography (, or other important stuff, make sure you deal with a reputable company.

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The author recommends to source photography repertoire.

2 X 2000W You Tube Photo/Video Photography LED Lighting Kit


LED studio lighting kits are the best choice if you want attractive and appealing photos with the right coloring and features. Make sure to go ahead and wisely invest in an LED studio lighting kit if you want to get pictures that outshine others and sell well in the market.

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Those who want to take photography to another level should purchase studio lighting kits. While these kits come in many forms, entry level ones use either continuous or flash lighting. Studio lighting kits can work wonders for photographers because they can control the lights more easily and such lights can be moved around well too. This light is far less harsher than on camera flashguns. If you are on a shooting spree, photos can improve markedly if you use a LED studio lighting kit. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and it is semiconductor electronic device emitting visible light when an electric current passes through it. LED studio lighting kits are far more advantageous than their counterparts.

Such studio lighting kits are known for better brightness, longer life, compactness of size, faster switching, enhanced durability and improved reliability as well as lower energy consumption. With the rapid development of open face LED lighting, higher powered LED studio lighting kits are coming about every day. LED started out as lightweight and low power on camera fill source and went onto becoming capable of being able to throw vast amounts of light on to subjects being photographed. Led lights have been segued into closed face lighting through several small LEDs in a Fresnel enclosure. This recent development has changed LED studio lighting kits into flexible and focusable lighting. LEDs have minimum voltage yet they do not change color even when they dim.

Photographers are now preferring LED technology to conventional lighting systems due to wonderful and beneficial features for photographers to set lighting for the specific setting. LEDs are a better choice than traditional lighting systems because they are also safer to use. Heat produced by conventional lighting systems are threatening to the health of the person. LED studio lighting kits are able to be used to overcome the issue of excessive heat generation associated with conventional lighting systems. Heat produced by LEDs is negligible and as these systems do not radiate heat, unlike halogen, flourescent or incandescent bulbs. Heat generated within the Led system is absorbed through a device called heat sink.

It then rapidly dissipates into the surrounding environment and due to this reason, the LED studio lighting kit is prevented from burning out or overheating. Electricity used by the lighting system is used to provide lighting to the photographed subject. The ability to spread light across vast distances and illuminate the subject is critically important. The LEDs are powerful and their integration ( into well designed studio lighting kits can work wonders. These type of studio lighting kits also emit light in a certain direction. This does away with the need for reflectors and diffusers. Well designed LED lighting systems can throw light in areas intended by the photographers. This can have a lot of uses as well in the field of photography. LED studio lighting kits ( were also extremely versatile and this is why they are an asset for any skilled and professional photographer. LED studio lighting kits are energy efficient and this is why they can really benefit the environment ( as well. For photographers who want to save cash and the environment, LED studio lighting kits are just the right thing.

For any product related to photography, you must make sure you source things only from reputable suppliers. Whether you require green screen backgrounds ( or LED lighting, make sure you zero in on a supplier you can trust

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The author recommends to source photography repertoire.

Rust Pattern Fashion Muslin Backdrop


You need the right backdrop to ensure that the photos you capture are the cutest. You need to source your things from a manufacturer offering full range of photography equipment.

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If you're thinking about going into the photography business, there's a great service you need to know about right here in the United States. Good photography, especially photos including families, kids, etc. is all about the backdrop. The more you have to offer people when it comes to photographic backgrounds and equipment, the more likely they are to come to you for their family photos. Think about the amazing baby photos you've seen over the last few years.

To really capture a baby at his or her cutest, you need to have the right backdrop. Well, if you're in the market for these backdrops, you've come to the right place. With manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and all over the world, we're who you want to deal with when it comes to purchasing backdrops for all your photography and theatrical needs.

We know that the key to a good backdrop is the realism factor. You want to be able to use a backdrop without those who are viewing the photo or screenshot to know it's a backdrop. Well, we take that as a personal challenge. Every. Single. Time. When it comes to providing you with the most realistic nature scenes, building backdrops, even fantasy backdrops, we've got you covered. Your shots will be sure to be a hit with any potential client.

As a new photographer, you've really got to put some time and consideration into the importance of what's going on in your photographs. Yeah, that cute baby smile will steal people's hearts every time, but it's what's happening around the baby that really draws people in to the photo and makes them fall in love. Of course, as a photographer, babies aren't likely to be the only feature you're photographing. You could be doing family shots, weddings, religious festivities, birthdays, and more.

All of these events can really be turned up a few notches with a place set up for photos that includes the perfect backdrop. Any photographer who specializes in school pictures knows the importance of a good backdrop. Those old photos with the neon colored cris-crossing lines through the background just won't cut it anymore. Think about the senior photos you've seen in the past few years. These are another photo in which having the right backdrops will most likely determine ( whether or not you're going to get the job.

It's really as simple as knowing what's most important to really make a photo work, and what's going to sell you as a photographer. The more you can offer people, the more likely they are to hire you for your services. The same goes when it comes to photographic backgrounds and equipment ( Having the right backdrop in the theater business can really make or break your show.

In both cases, we've got what you need to really set your photos ( or your show apart from the masses. Call on us today for all your backdrop needs. We really are the top producing backdrop specialists in the world where you can place an order for photo studio kit ( No matter what you're looking for, you can have something that suits your needs.

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The author recommends one of the largest manufacturers of backdrops catering to the photography and theatrical industry. Their manufacturing facilities are in the US as well as abroad.

Rust Pattern Fashion Muslin Backdrop

2 Head Powerful Red Light Kit for Video


Everyone loves to look at pictures that enhance a room or area and part of this success is having the right lighting to ensure it comes out the way the photographer plans.

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Becoming a photographer requires more than passion and love for art. It also takes having an eye for poses, colors, shading, lighting and all the other small details that are involved with developing a great picture. Many of these professionals started off with a simple camera and took pictures of friends, family, vacations and local scenery just so they could perfect their talent and learn from their mistakes.

With each session they improved until eventually they were ready to venture forward and start their own business. This means having a space where clients can come to, purchasing props, backgrounds and scenery, studio kits and the ability to process the film or the digital images. All of these things can be very expensive which is why it is important to find a vendor that specializes in these tools at a reasonable and affordable price to you.

Your studio, no matter the size, is your area to create something unique and special for the customers but if it is dark and dingy or the equipment does not work properly then your reputation takes a hit before you can get it off the ground. Only buy from reputable suppliers who offer a wide selection of everything that you may need from halogen and fluorescents to flash and softbox lighting kits so you can have a selection for various poses and mood settings. This should also include the accessories such as triggers, filters, stands and even a kit bag so you can be portable with the equipment for those wedding and birthday events.

Always ensure that anything you purchase is compatible with your camera since this will usually be your mainstay piece. Read reviews and posts from past and present customers on their experiences to see if the vendor has competitive pricing, timely delivery and a good selection of tools. This can help you to avoid suppliers that have lower quality and standards and go directly to the best. Check out their website before making any purchases ( and read over policies for returns, cancellations and damaged goods so that if something should happen during the shipping process, you already have a plan to put you back on schedule.

Once you receive your new tools and photography studio lighting kit (, inspect their physical condition and usability just in case there is a problem so it can be rectified as soon as possible. Put the items together and conduct some test shots in your selected location to check for size and fit while providing practice before you do a real photo shoot. The photography studio flash lighting kits ( will quickly become an extension of yourself since your pictures will speak louder than any advertising campaigns or flyers that you can write.

Building a professional name in this industry takes persistence, hard work and the right tools ( so do your best to ensure success by getting it right the first time and invest wisely. This way your pictures will speak for themselves and you will be booked far in advance because of how well you do!

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The author recommends for photographic studio lighting kits.

Three Head Economy strobe light kit

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Photography is a hobby for some but a passion for others. There is much more involved in taking a good picture than just pointing and shooting the camera. Lighting is a big part of photography and the right light can make or break a photo. Photography enthusiasts can purchase photography studio flash lighting kits to help them get the perfect shot.

In many cases less expensive isn’t always better. This holds especially true with photography equipment. The more money you are willing to spend the better equipment you will receive. The kits that are very inexpensive are geared toward people who are just getting started or are just dabbling in photography as a hobby.

The first choice photographers have to make when purchasing their photography studio flash lighting kits is how much they want to spend. The less expensive kits tend to be much slower than the expensive kits. This type of kit is great for capturing objects that are in motion. If you are unsure as to what type of kit to buy you can do some online research to help you determine which product is right for you. Some people may look into taking a beginners class or reading some books to better educate themselves on their available options. Even if you choose to purchase a less expensive kit you can still get some equipment that will have some characteristics of the more expensive equipment.

Most photographers may have to play around with their new equipment before they get used to it completely. Most things take practice before people get it right and photography is no different. Getting the right lighting is just one piece of the puzzle. Photographers must learn about proper positioning of their subjects as well as knowing what type of film works best and what camera and photography studio flash lighting kits ( are considered the best for the type of photos they plan to take.

Chromakey Green/Blue Muslin Backdrop with Support system and 750 watt Continuous Light Kit


BP Works, Inc. is an international company that provides green screen backgrounds online and photo studio backdrops in the UK at the highest quality resulting in many satisfied customers. The offer backgrounds, backdrops, and lighting Backdrop Source online store.

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Studio photographers and film producers who have ordered from the online store Backdrop Source from BP Works, Inc. are found to be satisfied and repeat customers. They have stores in the USA, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. The store in New Zealand has been recently launched. Most customers have been ordering online since 2006 resulting in sales supporting millions of customers in several countries. As part of generating awareness BP Works, Inc. works with customers to conduct a photo contest and provide exiting cash rewards and gift coupons.

“It’s simple to buy green screen backgrounds online to make the best photo studio backdrops in the UK,” says a BP Works, Inc. representative. Portable photography and filming environments often have use for green screen backgrounds to insert a background using footage produced through chromakey software. This production process only works effectively if the background green screen is of the best quality.

The variety of products include kits for backdrops and chromakey backgrounds. To ensure the best lighting, they have the newest studio LED lighting and lighting kits. A variety of other photography kits and studio accessories are also available. Most products are available from the easy to use Backdrop Source online store or by calling customer service.

"We provide the most impressive backdrops that produce quality special effects,” says a BP Works, Inc. representative. Photographers and video producers can green screen backgrounds online to get the best photo studio backdrops in the UK. One of their original products is the original Seamless wrinkle resistant photography background paper. They come in full range of 50 colours for different effects.

BP Works, Inc. sells green screen backgrounds online ( products at low prices and best quality in Australia and the UK through their online store Backdrop Resource resulting in very satisfied customers. In addition to the Backdrops they have the most energy efficient lighting on the market that is long lasting. Their new studio LED lights save money in the long run during their extensive life span. This equipment can also run on battery if needed. When it comes to photo studio backdrops in the UK (, they are the leading company.

About The Company:

BP Works, Inc. sells special effects equipment for producers of photography and video content. The backgrounds, backdrops, and lighting are the highest quality and have been purchased by many satisfied customers. The company can be trusted to buy studio lighting kits online ( They deal in the products of leading photography backdrop manufacturers (

Contact Information:

BP Works Inc.

C/O DMC Distribution Ltd,

Ensor House, Ensor Way, New Mills

High Peak,

UK. SK22 4NQ

Phone: +44 1628 904188

Fax : +44 207 526 2099

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Two Head Professional Photo/Video light kit


BP Works, Inc. sells green screen backgrounds and continuous lighting kits for photography. Through their online store Backdrop Source, they provide all accessories needed for the photography and theatrical industry.

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Individuals and companies looking for the best special effects equipment, backdrops, screens, and lighting can rely on BP Works, Inc. for the largest selection using the latest technology and available around the world. They have many satisfied customers who keep coming back to continue receiving excellent quality from superior customer service.

"Our business continues to expand as we continue to launch new innovative products," said a BP Works Inc. representative. Since 2006 BP Works, Inc. has been selling online with their sight Backdrop Source and have served around 2 Lakh + customers in the 4 countries. They have stores in the US, the UK France, and Australia and recently launched one in New Zealand. BP Works, Inc. is known for our low prices and best quality of backdrops in AUS and UK with the most satisfied customers.

BP Works, Inc. provides superior support with their online store Backdrop Source with user manuals for quartz lights, home studio flash kits, reflector, soft box, fluorescent bulbs, and flash light. They are also available customer support by telephone or chat. Superior service from people who know the industry and the product fully will provide the best choices to buy green screen backgrounds and continuous lighting kits for photography.

"We have launched new long lasting studio LED lights that are the best in the market", says a representative from BP Works Inc. They are the best continuous lighting kits for photography. The LED lights run on batteries for locations that don't have an electrical outlet available. The upfront costs are compensated by the life span of the LED lights which is very high.

Serious film, movie, television, and photography producers take advantage of stepping up the quality of their work with supplies from the Backdrop Source online store. It is simple for producers to buy green screen backgrounds ( needed for chromakey special effects and get the right system for continuous lighting kits for photography. The highest quality product has been appreciated by many customers already.

About the Company:

BP Works Inc. is the number one photo and video equipment store that offers special effects equipment including backdrops, lights, and studio accessories. They are also the largest manufacturers of backdrops catering to the photography and theatrical industry. For sourcing continuous lighting kits for photography (, they are a trusted company.

Contact Information:

BP Works Inc.

C/O DMC Distribution Ltd,

Ensor House, Ensor Way, New Mills

High Peak,

UK. SK22 4NQ

Phone: +44 1628 904188

Fax : +44 207 526 2099

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Flipper Bell 3Dimension Muslin Backdrops

How to Care for Muslin Backdrops

The backgrounds we choose add value to the images. The backdrops compliment the overall successful output image. The selection of the backdrops color, design and material are very important for the photographers. The collection of the backdrops in the studio is a great asset and it represents the prestigious status of the studio management. The value of the muslin backdrops we store needs reasonable investment of money. The Costly and precious backdrops need to be stored and maintained well for better durability and life.

The improper storage practices and inappropriate care methods may result in spoiling the backdrops, ultimately will force us to go for replacement with new purchase.

There are many situations in studio and outdoor photo sessions that can damage or spoil the appearance of the backdrops. These expensive backdrops need to be cleaned and stored properly to avoid permanent damage.

After completing the photo sessions in the locations, or when you notice some stains on the backdrops in your studio, try to attend the spot immediately. The quick action on the soiled or stained spots may help us in easy removal of the dirt, soils and stains.

When you buy the backdrops, try to get maximum information on the type of material and finish given to the backdrops.

Get complete information on wash care instructions.

Whether the backdrop needs hand wash or machine wash?

What is the temperature setting for wash?

What is the wash duration?

What is the level of mechanical action required?

What type of detergent need to be used?

Can it be washed with other material?

What is the drying procedure?

Ask yourself all these questions, collect specific information applicable to the backdrop purchased and try to store this information on each and every backdrop in your collection. As and when required, you should be able to retrieve this information stored about a particular backdrop and follow the instruction.

Wash Care:

Normally it is recommended not to wash the muslin backdrops frequently.

Frequent washing of any textile material will lead to deterioration in appearance and vivid nature of the backdrop. When it is absolutely necessary to wash the muslin, process the backdrop separately with mild detergent, never use harsh and abrasive detergents.

Cold wash is enough to remove the stains. Set the machine for gentle wash.

When you find stains and soil on a particular spot, immediately apply liquid mixture little warm water with mild soap on the stained area. Use soft brush to rub the stained area. See if the stains get removed. If you are not able to remove the stain in this method, don’t use strong chemicals for removing stains. The stains may be removed but it will leave permanent patch on the backdrop. Try to soak the stained spot into the warm, mild soap water for about 8 hours and rub the spot with the brush. The stains will be removed.

Removing wrinkles and folds:

The muslin backdrops will reach you in a pack with the material folded many times. This is the usual option of packing and shipping by the sellers of the backdrops. Definitely one can see noticeable folds on the backdrops when unpacked. It is better you order the backdrops well in advance so that the backdrops reach you couple of days before your photo session. You will get sufficient time to set right these folds. Otherwise you have to use steamers and quick dryers to remove folds.


Do not try to remove wrinkles and folds by ironing the backdrops. Ironing will leave shiny spots on the surface and will spoil the overall appearance of the backdrops.

It is suggested to hang the backdrops so that the wrinkles, folds and creases will go off naturally over a period of time.

If you need to remove the creases and folds quickly, use fabric steamers. Fill the fabric steamers with clear water and apply on the necessary area. Leave the backdrop for air drying. This will remove the creases and folds completely.

Ofcourse the wrinkles of undefined patterns will add rich texture to the muslin backdrops. Take care of only the disturbing long folds and creases.


Storage of the number of bulky muslin backdrops in your collection will need more space in the studio. Proper storage may help us in resulting fresh looking muslin backdrops for several years.

You can store by hanging the drops on to the stands, good for the backdrop but this will occupy more space and also lead to collection of lint and dust onto the surface of the backdrops.

You can crush fold the backdrops randomly and put it inside the loose ball and boxes. The random crushes may introduce textures onto the backdrop when you retrieve it and this will not disturb the appearance of the backdrops. Rather, this will add realistic look to the original muslin pattern.

Always store your backdrop in a dry place. Storing in a damp area will cause mildew attack on the backdrops. This will develop bad odor when you open the pack.

Try to have good number of wonderful backdrops in your studio backdrops collection. These backdrops are significant investment for you. Pay more attention to the care methods and practices for your muslin backdrops. These backdrops if properly stored and cared for, can last many years without loss of freshness and texture.

The muslin backdrops from Backdropsource are well proven in the market. These backdrops are known for their unique design, material quality and easy to care.
For more information required on backdrops, please feel free to contact our customer care executive or technical experts @ + 1-650-614-1888|

Complete Home Studio with Powerful flash kit and Green/Blue backdrop system

Chroma Key remains the first choice of professional photographers. The chroma key backgrounds come in two basic colors. We offer complete studio lighting kit required for an economic photo studio. If you are looking for backdrops stand, we offer at the lowest possible price. The high resolution background is uniquely photographed/designed by professional studio artist so that the special effects it creates is complementary to the human skin. The green body-suits we offer are used mainly in videos. These are made of stretchable fabrics. We offer over 50 types of Chroma key backdrops at the best prices

Sunprolite Chromakey Green Backdrop

BACKDROPSOURCE has a wide range of Chroma key to choose from for your studio. Whether you are looking for Green screen imovie, Chromakey screen, Digital backdrops, etc. we are sure to have what you need.

You can now have the luxury of choosing what type of Chroma key you would like at your studio and it might make a big difference to your energy bill each year.


Chroma Keying is the process by which a specific colour element (chroma) is removed from a video scene and replaced (keyed) with a different element. Essentially it’s the way video producers remove one background and replace it with another. You will have seen hundreds of examples of this in films, such as the kids cycling across the sky in ET, and in TV, as it’s the process used when you see someone presenting the weather in front of a moving map.


The green screening effect is a type of chroma key. The idea is to create a pure green background which is then replaced with whatever background image you want.

There are numerous variations on the standard green screen technique and you will need to develop your own system based on the resources you have available. Whatever you do, remember the two most important considerations:

The colour and lighting of the green screen needs to be as even as possible.

You can't have anything in the foreground (i.e. part of the subjects) which is the same colour as the green screen.


This tutorial shows you how to set up a green screen (cheaply if necessary) and how to use it in your video productions. The tutorial includes:

Planning the studio setting

Green screen material

Lighting the green screen

Incorporating green screen footage into your videos

More Tips

For FREE Chroma key Software do stay in touch with BACKDROPSOURCE to know the EXCITING offers!


Collapsible backgrounds are a quick and easy solution. It takes seconds to set up collapsible backgrounds and to pack them away making them equally convenient for clients’ homes, location shoots and the studio. Portable, compact, and simple to set up and take down, BACKDROPSOURCE Collapsible Backgrounds are an ideal choice for photographers looking for a versatile backdrop that easily makes the transition from studio to location. Available in various double sided colours and designs collapsible backgrounds offer a solution for all. Many are also reversible, providing two background colors in one. Also available as a collapsible background kit.


Our digital backdrop background images and designs are high quality and high resolution. The digital Backgrounds are produced using Photoshop. Background images contained in the CDs are in TIFF format at 300 dpi with no compression and will produce exceptional prints at 8 x 10" and larger. In addition to photography backgrounds, these backdrop images can also be used in programs such as Print shop, Print Artist and Print master to create projects such as calendars, postcards, and greeting cards. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

BACKDROPSOURCE has a wide range of high quality chroma green for photography at competitive prices. We are constantly uploading the latest Lighting products that are new to the market place. So, you can be sure you are purchasing the latest models of Chroma key backgroungs at competitive prices.

And although you may wish to buy online, you do not have to compromise on service or required information. Our sales team is available to help you with any enquiries at all and be contacted via email or phone. So please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Sports Vectors of Soccer backdrops

Where Can I Find Attractive Custom Backdrops for Photography?

Whether you are planning a wedding or throwing a birthday party, there is nothing like a fun backdrop to set the tone for the event.

Want to showcase your logo at an event or party? Are you contemplating on the designs and creative works? All you got to do is start with buying a suitable backdrop. Most of the people are attracted to the backgrounds in any place for that matter - let it be a party, an event or any kind of gathering.

Find the perfect photo booth backdrop, party backdrop, scene setters to fit your party theme!

Backdropsource offers a wide range of materials and sizing options. We provide strong, durable material to your need. You can pick a backdrop that will fit best your event. Custom backdrops are Made to your order – Send us your Image (or) you can even Choose the backdrop from our Gallery and in return get the best Custom backdrop ever!

Your custom background will be printed on quality Muslin, Flex,Vinyl – according to your choice, rolls out flat, lightweight, not easily creased, will not tear, waterproof and easy to clean. Our Backgrounds can be used as a photo booth background to capture great memories of your event or as a stylish backdrop behind a feature table.

Vinyl is a popular material because it is dependable and long lasting. It's heavyweight and easy to wipe. It's also travel friendly and great for kids, teens and adults alike!

All backdrops are printed in width x height format. We can happily create your custom step and repeat backdrop just for you! All Backdrops are shipped rolled (never folded) in heavy duty cardboard shipping tubes that can double as storage!

Use the backdrops also as attractive Floor drops/ Photo Booth / Party Backdrop / Wedding Backdrop / Baby Shower Backdrop only at Backdropsource.

6ft Wd X 9ft Ht (1.8m X 2.7m) Chromakey Green backdrop with a Stand

How to use Green Screen Effect

Achieving a good green screen effect used to be difficult and expensive. But not anymore! In this post, I’ll show you how to make your first green screen video cheap. We’ll take a look at the various items you need to consider: backdrop, camera, software, lighting…

Why would you want to use a green screen effect in your video?

Green screen is when you replace the real background of a video with a digital background.

Quite simply, it offers the most natural-looking way to fuse a human with other types of content you might want to show, such as photos, or animated item, screen video and screenshots. Instead of putting each visual element in its own frame, green screen lets you brew them seamlessly.

Instead of building a fancy set or renting a studio, you can shoot your video anywhere and replace the background with a branded graphic or video element. Instant upgrade!

Green Screen (Chroma Keying)

Using a green screen is an elemental part of movies these days. In the movie Avatar, they have utilized the techniques of Green Screen, or Chroma Key technology and computers.

But in still photography the technique is greatly underutilized. This technique may change the way you think about photography.

What Exactly is Green Screen Photography? 

In a nutshell, you photograph your subject in front of a green screen background, then import the image in to your computer and with the help of software, eliminate the background (easy task) and replace it any place on the earth or even out of it. No problem. Shoot the client with a green screen background and swap out the background. The only limitation to this technique is your own imagination. The skill is easy and simple to use, and it won’t cost a lot when you think of the potential for new business.

Choosing the Backdrop

Green screen photography, or “chromakeying” can be done with backgrounds of any color that are uniform and distinct, but green backdrops are very commonly used because they differ in hue from most human skin colors. No part of the subject being filmed or photographed may duplicate a color used in the backdrop. Make sure if you’re using a green background that your subject isn't wearing any green clothing. 

The three most important considerations with green screen photography are the size, the location and the choice. You wouldn't use the same size material for a portrait that you might use to photograph a bike or an elephant, will you? There are three options when it comes to the choice of material: vinyl, muslin and seamless.


If there were one word for shooting green screens perfectly, it would be TESTING. Brands of camera and lens can be important to the final result, nevertheless, a poorly-lit green screen, shot with an awesome camera and expensive backdrop, can be far more tedious to key than well-lit footage shot with more modest equipment. Testing your set-up can save you hours or weeks. If possible, plan to shoot some tests BEFORE your final shoot, and make adjustments where necessary.


You’ll also find blue screen backdrop cloth available, but it can be problematic if the person on camera has blue eyes or clothes. If you don’t want to mess around with hanging a cloth, a really nice option is a collapsible panel.

Also make sure they don’t gesture too broadly. Any part of their arm or hand that extends past the backdrop will look cut off in your final video.

Finally, light the foreground elements however you want. 

Tripod with horizontal arm

Tripod with Horizontal Arm makes Flat Photography EASY!

The steadiest hand is not close to a steady tripod. Professionals know that using a tripod is really important for product photography because product shots often use slow shutter speeds. An inexpensive tripod will produce clearer product shots than a shot taken with a hand-held camera. But a sturdy tripod is a good investment that will last for years.

If you've ever tried to shoot straight down onto something using a "normal" tripod, you know how difficult this can be, not to mention downright ugly if your camera comes crashing down on whatever you're trying to photograph. A solution to this form of product photography is the Tripod with horizontal arm. Designed to support a 35mm DSLR or lighter weight medium-format camera, the tripod contains a built-in counterweight for safely positioning your camera over your subject at a 90° angle to the tripod.

This tripod with horizontal arm, solves the problem of positioning a camera for shooting straight down on a subject. They also function as a standard tripod when the arm is positioned vertically or can be fixed at any angle between vertical and horizontal. This is a special type of must have tripod needed for most product photography.

This horizontal arm tripod helps you do a great deal of flat art photography, china, book, flat clothing photographies or other types requiring an ability to support the camera in this position.If you only need to shoot horizontally on rare occasions, the arm can be removed entirely and the ball head can be mounted directly onto the tripod.

Backdropsource offers durable Tripod with horizontal arm at affordable prices. Visit our site to know more about easy to use Professional Tripods.

Basic Product Photography Kit

10 tips to buy photography equipments online

Nowadays we prefer to buy everything online. The function of online market and offers by the sellers may give us difficulty in choosing the right seller. We need to decide on certain things before we plan to make a product purchase online. Whether it is a book, pen, CD or costly equipment, buying things online has become much easier and convenient today than going to the store.

There are a few ground work we need to do before we start searching for a photography product online. There are a few really good places like Adorama, Amazon, and Backdropsource. The style of functioning and characteristics of the online market is highly dynamic. The risk factors in buying online keep on changing. We should learn the art of buying equipment online and keep ourselves updated on the market information.

1. Firstly, Decide what equipment exactly you require. If you are not confident of the complete information on the product features, we need to carryout preliminary research on the product features and make decision on what will exactly fit your requirement.

2. Decide on the budget. The market may offer similar featured products in different price range which may confuse us. Considering price alone will lead us to trouble. But we need to know the types of deals, offers and the best time to buy products in the market. It is always better to have a chat with the sellers on the price factors which will give us better idea. Compare the price and benefits together.

3. Review the online retailers. Adorama, Amazon, and Backdropsource are the places where you can get quality products and service.

4. Interact with the sellers on features and benefits. Take online chat sessions and try to get information on the products and sellers.

5. Go through the product features and ensure that the statements on the products are true. The sellers may simply use catchy wordings to attract the buyers. For Example "BEST QUALITY”. If the statement on the backdrop cloth is best quality, try to reveal the fabric quality parameters. And try to make the statement on what is best about the backdrop fabric material. Sellers like Backdropsource is in the market for 10 years and incorporating the technological developments in fabric manufacturing and finishing may offer best backdrops for the photographic sessions.

6. Backdropsource is the online retailer who gives quality products at lowest price in the market. If anybody is offering price lower than this, then you have to be careful on quality of the product.

7. Confirm the delivery terms and conditions. Get double assurance on the delivery terms. Sometimes delayed delivery may critically affect your photography sessions schedule.

8. Place the order and wait for the seller to contact you immediately on the placement of the order. The online sellers confirm the order placement in different ways. Or else it is better we contact and confirm the placement of the order and delivery schedule.

9. Confirm the schedule for post purchase services, like installation and commissioning of the equipments. We need to see to that the installation and commissioning is over well before our project starting schedule.

10. Beware of frauds and scams in online market. Don’t give anybody your Bank details and codes. Websites style and features may attract you, we need to be double careful on this. Don’t fall in trap of scammers.

Let’s learn to reap the benefits of online buying of photography equipments.

Enjoy safe buying experience with online market today.

Studio LED Lights


LED is one of today's most energy-efficient and rapidly-developing lighting technologies. Quality LED light bulbs last longer, are more durable, and offer comparable or better light quality than other types of lighting.You can find all kinds of LEDs in Backdropsource.

This is the most exciting time for the lighting industry since the early 20th century. We are truly at an inflection point, and the forthcoming shakeout over the next five years will determine who will be the lighting giants of the future. The rapid development of LED technology leads to more products and improved manufacturing efficiency, which also results in lower prices.

Led Products :

It is so hard to look out for good LEDs, even if we buy nice ones it lasts just for a year or two. For the ones thinking so, there is a paradise where you can buy all the LEDs you can ever think of. This place is called Backdropsource , below are some of the most common types of LED products.

LED video light kit :

Under the video lighting category there is a vast collection in Backdropsource , Lights with one head, two heads are available varying in wattage as per your need. Such as 2000W led, 1000W led, Led flood lights, Studio led lights, and lot more!

These lights are dimmable and made it just for the minds of the photographers. So it is absolutely easy to adjust as per your need. Backdrops and support system are optional to buy it along with the led.

Video led lighting:

Video lighting kits are made uniquely to add more beauty to the videos since it is the lights which make a big difference in the cinematography. Even during editing of videos, if the lighting is proper the work is super easy.

Under LED video lighting there are Youtube video lighting kit, LED panel light, LED bi- color, 1000 led light panel, led video panel and so on. They also serve great for photography.

Bi-color LED:

This is highly suited for video recordings with extensive accessories. It is made of high quality plastic casing and is ideal for mobile use as it is lightweighted.

For protecting the equipment Backdropsource provides padded transport bag . These are the best LEDs you can ever get!

Backdropsource is offering wide range of LED lighting kits to fulfill the photography lighting requirements.

For more information required on LED Lighting and Equipment, please feel free to contact our customer care executive or technical experts @ + 1-650-614-1888|

Lighting & Kits

The stream lighting and photo studio kit are economically priced and great for interviews, product photography, family portraits, and commercial videography. We offer a complete range of photography lighting equipment including halogen light kits, continuous softbox lighting kits, fluorescent lighting kits, and flash lighting kits. Even if you are thinking of setting up a mini-studio the range of studio lighting will be more than sufficient to meet all the requirements.

Popular lighting kits

Are you looking for continuous lighting kit for your photographic studio? We offer a great range of continuous lighting equipment that are ideal for photo or video shoots. Powerful red light kit, umbrella, softlight, there are several options to make a choice from.

Lighting & Kits

Photo Studio Kit

Before I begin with the topic of photo studio kit, I want to correct a misconception about lights for digital capture, especially strobes. Some people think you need special "digital" lights and that equipment used previously with film won't work.

What kind of photographic lighting equipments are suitable? Here we have to distinguish between two basic types of photographic lighting, whether for film or digital — continuous lights and strobes. Continuous light kits are those which you turn on and they stay on until you turn them off.

Another thing to keep in mind is that hot-lights are a very inefficient light source, simply because so much of the power is wasted as heat. Yes, you could set a high ISO on your camera, but then you have increased noise to deal with.

Pre-Packaged Kits

There was a time when the studio environment - with flash heads, diffusers, sync cables and power packs - was largely the domain of the professional photographer. Today, however, with a wide range of pre-packaged kits on the market, enthusiasts are finding it easier than ever before to obtain the gear and accessories necessary for creating a complete home studio.

When it comes to studio lighting kits, the general rule is ‘you get what you pay for’.

Your very first choice will be to decide between two main options: continuous lighting kit or photography strobe light kits . Both can give great results.

Continuous lights

Continuous lights allow you to view the light output as it will appear in the photograph. Strobe lights can be used to freeze fact action and can snyc with the camera at high shutter speeds.

These types of lights do, however, have a tendency to get very warm during use (although ‘cool’ fluorescent varieties offer improvement in this aspect), which can make long portrait sessions an uncomfortable experience for your subject. As a consequence, continuous lights are more typically used in still life and product photography.

The chief benefit of continuous light sources is that they provide instant feedback on how your lighting will look in the exposed image, allowing you to adjust the angle and intensity of the lighting quickly and visualize the shot more easily. They can also do double duty as video lights.

Choice differs

While technology varies greatly between products, you will find that many entry-level kits benefit from some of of the features found in more expensive models of the same brand. As such, it’s perfectly possible to pick up a beginner-friendly kit that’s still packed with features, for a modest price.

A fairly recent development in continuous photography lighting is fluorescents, which are cooler and provide nice soft illumination. That's because fluorescents have a spectral distribution that plays havoc with film.

Photography Backdrop Kits

Weighing just a little over 5 lbs, this lightweight backdrop kit is perfect for photographers who travel or move between studio sets.  It can be used out in the field or in the studio for headshots, product photography, portrait photography, or commercial photography.

Considering the options carefully will help you achieve the results you desire from your photography backdrop.

·    Muslin Backdrops: A backdrop that is a solid color will provide a formal look, which is the ideal option for shooting serious portraits, pictures for identification cards. Using this backdrop will provide you with a reusable item that is washable when dirty.

·    Paper backdrops: These are known as paper rolls and provide a one-time use. You can find almost any color or texture for your background, depending on the type of photograph that you are taking.

·    Painted canvas backdrop: These are typically only seen in a photography studio, mainly due to their heavy weight and large size.

For more information on Studio photography equipment, please visit

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Product Photography Kits


BACKDROPSOURCE supplies light tents, continuous photographic lighting, studio lighting and a large range of specialist product photography kit for all product photography from jewellery , to collectibles, glassware, artwork and food.

Being suitable for beginners, our product photography kits are also ideally suited to the professional or experienced photographer. All our products are compatible so you can gradually add to your set up as and when you wish to cover all your future photographic needs.

Product photography kit:

Using direct lighting for product photography can cause harsh dark shadowing and unpleasant reflections particularly on shiny objects. The 100% top quality velvet fabric of the BACKDROPSOURCE Light Tent gently diffuses the light from your light source, evenly illuminating your object inside and eliminating any unwanted shadows. The light tent can be lit from the sides, back, top and, with a glass, or suitable light table, the bottom. Its detachable front door cover incorporating a slit for your camera lens is particularly useful when photographing highly reflective objects such as glassware. Once you are done simply fold it flat and store it in the pouch provided or take it with you to your next photo-shoot location.

Light tent: They are an ideal tool to take a high quality photographs even for an amateur. The light tents are made of translucent, durable, colour neutral fabric to surround your product in beautiful soft light. The fabric diffuses lighting evenly from all sides, including the top and bottom. The Light tent makes product photography super easy.

Light tent kit:

This kit is simple to setup and gives maximum depth of your products.

The light tent is an enclosed light box which helps diffusing the lights and offers a balanced light.

The heavy duty boom offers bright over head light to enhance the depth of the product.

The light stand can be easily adjusted to support lighting accessories. The tent reflector mounts perfectly on the tent light stand.

The tent reflector mounts perfectly on the tent light stand.


One essential piece of equipment in your lighting kit should be white and silver bounce cards, used to gently fill in any harsh shadows caused by window light. Photographers are advised to use these cards to bring details back into the deep shadows, ultimately adding more colour and texture to your images.

The bounce cards are also important because you should rarely be shooting into direct sunlight. As a food photographer says, you want to avoid too much contrast so that food looks soft and elegant. You can also use the bounce cards to direct more light onto the image to highlight certain features and make your photos “pop”.

FREE Support is included in the price of all our Photography Kits. So if you purchase a Kit from us, you can be sure of receiving any help and advice that you may need. This is one of the things that make us stand out from other photographic suppliers - we really do want you to create outstanding images of your products and we are here to help you achieve that.

With TableTop photography and other photography studio props you are sure to impress yourself, your friends and your customers with your own fantastic product images!

Studio Accessories


BACKDROPSOURCE, specializing in professional photographic lighting and studio equipment for the photography, film, and video industries, sells high quality photography supplies and accessories at an affordable price. We are committed to your satisfaction and guarantee that we are sure to have what you need.

The Studio equipment is ideal for in studio and location shoots. It can be a perfect asset for photography or video shoots. You are well equipped for all adventures with the studio equipment.


Studio gears is nothing but Camera accessories such as Tripod, Clamp stand, Exposure Meter, Air bags, etc which support photography and the photographer.


The basic equipment required for a studio setup is a Camera, a Lens, Space for a studio and Lighting.

While strictly speaking they are not equipment, a model ,wardrobe, hair styling and makeup are also critical items.

The Camera:

The camera must be able to synchronize the shutter with the external off-camera strobes used for lighting the subject.

Point-and-shoot cameras: Most consumer point-and-shoot cameras can't sync with external flashes so simply can't be used.

Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras: Almost any modern DSLR will sync with an external off-camera flash. DSLR's are by far the most popular type of camera for portrait/glamour photography.


To get serious about studio photography, invest in a couple of studio flash heads. These do not need to be expensive, nowadays you can get a couple of lights for about the same price as a halfway decent telephoto lens.

You can control the light in interesting ways by using umbrellas and soft boxes to diffuse the light and soften the shadows, whilst still getting a reasonable exposure at a small aperture.

Watch out for Studio equipment for sale in BACKDROPSOURCE website. Prepare to walk away with maximum satisfaction, purchasing our premium products .

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