Backroom Ltd.

Specialist company sourcing and supplying all types of power conditioning and protection equipment to Industry and Entertainment. Extensive stocks of UPS systems available for instant hire, cables and distribution as required. Transformer and line conditioners. Single units to complete bespoke solutions for any project Access to over 3MVA of UPS. 24 hour service. Static and Diesel Rotary Engineering support and service teams, test and inspection division A single source for all your urgent needs, we have the solution. Founded 1985 Incorpated 1997. Banking. Internet. Data. Communications. Entertainment. Aviation. Marine. Laser. Hospital. Rail. Sea. Televison. Video. Film. The ultimate free advice service. Recent projects 250kVA Diesel Rotary and temp cables delivered within 12 hours of call out. 20kVA Static delivered, installed running within 6hours of call out. 60kVA Static project including removal of customers failed equipment. Completed in less than 12 hours from call out. Emergency battery source, supply and delivery in 24Hours. We also are co-operating with like minded independant companies of quality to deliver a service which nobody can beat. Backroom is the project co-ordinator and facilitates all the services required so you are presented with 1 account for everything you need for your project. If you are stuck or in a jam there is only 1 NumberÂ… ours. Put us to the test anytime! Once we are committed to you project we are 100% sure we will not let you down.
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