BackTech SAM GmbH


A 20-year success story: What started in 1993 as purely a services company, has grown into an innovative manufacturer of individual bakery equipment. Our efforts are focussed on the customer and their specific requirements, which we aim to meet with individual product solutions. Our high-quality products enable you to produce outstanding goods with particular care for the dough and high levels of hygiene. The principles of top quality and precision are reflected in wonderful, artisanal baked goods. This is because or machines and systems are the fruit of many years of experience and technical innovation.

BackTech SAM GmbH

Our product portfolio: We specialise in the production of small baked goods such as lye goods, rolls, bread, pretzels and pizza. Customer requirements for dough processing and transport solutions are resolved on the basis of our own innovations and/or using products from our cooperation partners.

World-renowned location: Today our company is based at Goldach, near Munich airport, from where we supply customers throughout the world.

BackTech SAM GmbH
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