Baddeley Brothers Ltd

Specialist manufacturers of fine stationery from envelopes to engraving

Baddeley Brothers bring unparalleled precision, colour and lustre to the printed surface - introducing a third dimension.

Combined with our renowned flair for envelope-making and printers' cards, our range of specialist skills and experience is not easily matched.

Distinctiveness is a universal need and competitive edge; and print on paper for business or personal communications is one of the most effective ways of achieving it.

Techniques such as:
  • embossing,
  • die-stamping,
  • copperplate,
  • plate-sinking,
  • lined envelopes
  • duplexing, hand laminated
  • thermography
  • letterpress
can, when combined with modern materials and technology, provide just that spark of individuality. And now, increasingly, a number of innovative designers and imaginative companies are rediscovering the potential of these long-established techniques. At Baddeley Brothers we've appreciated - and realised - that potential ever since 1859.

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