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Machine Tools - Metal Fabrication Machinery Product Line

When you need a band saw, think Baileigh first. We are the machine tool specialists, who offer a full line of band saws. Our band saw offerings come standard with many features that you will not find with any other manufacturer. These features are options on many other manufacturers’ band saws.

BS-210M Band Saw

The BS-210M is the perfect entry level band saw. This Band Saw is perfect for a wide variety of applications in any workshop. The BS-210M Band Saw has great capacity for a saw its size and this band saw offers up a wide variety of standard features that many other band saws have as additional features at additional cost. This robust band saw has a large cutting capacity for its size at a 6.75 inches or 150 mm. The BS-210M is the perfect band saw for any workshop capable of handling all day cutting or occasional cuts. This band saw has a cast bow, blade tension device, adjustable blade guides, chip removal brush, and many other features that contribute to extremely accurate cuts.

BS-712M Band Saw

Baileigh"s BS-712M metal cutting band saw is a very robust machine with a heavy cast iron bow, pivot mechanism and vise. Unlike most other band saws on the market this one comes standard with a direct gear drive which increases blade life. This band saw comes with a rugged base and wheels making it portable to go to job sites or be pushed out of the way in smaller shops where space is precious.

BB-2416E Box and Pan Brake

Baileigh’s BB-2416E box and pan brake has a bend capacity of 610mm. This coupled with the fact that it can bend up to 16 Gauge Mild steel makes it perfect for any college, university, general hobbyist or for any metal fabricator. The metal bending box and pan brake comes standard with an extra strong floor stand, counter weight to help assist lifting, and hardened fingers which ensures a crisp bend. This sheet metal brake can bend anywhere from 1 degree up to a maximum of 135 degrees and is constructed from steel plate which is electro welded for increased support.

BB-3616E Box and Pan Brake

The BB-3616E sheet metal box and pan folder can bend up to 915mm wide sheet metal. The range of fingers that come with the sheet metal bender vary in size to allow various depths and sizes of boxes and pans to be bent. This particular sheet metal box and pan brake can bend anything up to 16 gauge mild steel. Its constructed from steel plate which is extremely durable and has an electro welded frame work that means that all the bends are accurate even when bending in the middle of the machine at the machines full capacity. This box and pan folder has a heavy counter weight to assist the operator when bending at full capacity. There is a finger gap adjuster on both sides of the sheet metal box and pan brake to allow firm clamping for different gauges of material.

AS-350M Cold Saw

The AS-350M is a 360mm abrasive cut off saw that can mitre 45 degrees to the left or to the right. This machine’s heavy solid cast base and head are mounted on a rigid steel cabinet. The heavy casting improves machine sturdiness for crisper cuts and reduced vibration, compared to steel or sheet metal machines. The blade rotates at 4300RPM making it perfect for cutting pipe, angle iron, tube and much more. The taper lock vice in combination with the material stop is extremely useful when doing repeat cuts.

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