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BAJ System Design Ltd, based in Worcestershire, offer a wide range of products including fire escape ladders, balconies and staircases EG:-

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Alfix Ladder

A caged ladder made from aluminium profiles.

This Alfix ladder can have the bottom unit counterbalanced to slide up for improved security

When fitted parallel to the wall, access to a platform or to the roof may be achieved by using extensions, providing a further section of cage and a 620mm passage between the uprights.

If the ladder cannot go beyond the top of a wall or starting level (drain, troughs, etc) a foldaway handrail is provided to facilitate access.

If heights should exceed 6 metres, rest landings are provided according to standards

The ladder lower section can be a counterbalanced sliding unit providing the overall height permits.

Adjustable fixings for ladders suspended or resting on the ground for flat or curved surfaces.

Manufactured from aluminium sections with stainless steel nuts and screws.

Colour coating available on request.

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Alfix Ladder

Commercial Emergency Folding Ladder

  • The ‘Commercial Folding Ladder’ provides an emergency escape route or can be used as a means of access for maintenance personnel
  • These ladders are quite small, when closed all that can be seen is a 100 mm column comparable to a drain pipe. They can be colour coated to blend with the building decor on old and new buildings.
  • Manufactured from Aluminium, stainless steel and nylon, extreme weather conditions pose no operational problems.
    A quarter turn of an operating handle located at any exit point unfolds the ladder over its full height.
  • Springs compensate for the weight and dampen the movement of the moving parts. The side guard rail is opened by hand if required.
    This ladder can be electrically operated and linked into an alarm system for both its operation or warning if activated.

Light Duty Emergency Folding Ladder

  • A more simple design than the Commercial version, it is narrower, lighter, has no guard rail and uses a basic catch system to open and lock the ladder. In other respects this ladder follows the same structural concepts and manufacturing quality as its larger relative.
  • Rungs are tensioned with stainless steel springs to enable effortless closing, regardless of ladder height.
    Burglar-proof: cannot be opened without the release of the latch. Can be locked at ground level for access applications.
  • Stainless steel pivot pins with nylon bushings prevent metal to metal contact and reduce corrosion.
    Simple release catch. Even a child can easily open the ladder.
  • Can be mounted at a 105 degree angle (optional) to provide more shoulder space.
    Because the ladder remains closed when not in use, ice and snow cannot accumulate on the rungs.
    Cap prevents water from entering the ladder column providing maintenance free operation.
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Light Duty Emergency Folding Ladder


  • Our balconies are constructed of special anodised aluminium sections for a maintenance free lifetime .Patented extrusions provide exceptional strength with low weight.
  • Will support more than 100 lbs per square foot.
  • Requires no through bolting or special floor blocking. (subject to wall quality)
    Two people can install a standard size Balcony in less than two hours, when using correct access equipment.
    Can be installed without the use of special equipment or roof winches.
  • Custom sizes available for most applications.
    Can be colour coated to blend into any exterior.

Rope Descent System

  • Safety tested under all operating conditions.
  • Ease and simplicity of operation, anyone can use it.
    Single person operated, no assistance required.
  • Simply attach the steel loop of the speed regulator to the ring of the support structure and secure the safety harness around your upper body. The operator can now quickly lower themselves to the ground without the assistance of others, regardless of weather conditions.
  • Due to the centrifugal brake and patented planetary gear design, the danger of a hard landing is eliminated. People of all ages and weight descend about the same speed thus eliminating any landing shocks. The elderly, disabled, and children can all confidently use this system.
  • As one person descends the second harness attached at the opposite end of the cable is automatically pulled to the top for use by the next person. An unlimited number of people can safely descend one after the other in this fashion.
    The rope descent system can be installed in or near any opening large enough for the body to pass through.
  • If the location of initial installation becomes unsafe during an emergency, simply detach the portable speed regulator and carry it to a safer location which must already have been fitted with a suitable mounting point.
Rope Descent System

Emergency Telescopic Ladder

  • These hatches are designed to allow easy escape from one floor to the floor below either for internal rooms or between balconies or where other escape systems cannot be used.
  • The upper and lower doors are linked together to enable an operator to see below before activating the drop down ladder.
  • Hatch units are manufactured from stainless steel and are fitted with a crank handle for rewinding the ladder after use and also have a mechanical alarm bell to warn when the door is opened
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Emergency Telescopic Ladder
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