BAK Kardesler Lebensmittelhandels GmbH


This family-owned company from the Rhine-Neckar region was founded by the five Baklan brothers as a retail company in 1986. It has evolved today into a globally operating international business. The Baktat Group currently consists of 12 companies with about 1,500 staff. The current range includes 3,000 products and is available worldwide in about 52 countries.


The foundation of our actions is the proximity and multicultural understanding of our customers. Since the opening of our small supermarket in Mannheim, which forms the foundations of our present group of companies, we have always placed great emphasis on providing foods to people with ethnic backgrounds that meet their consumption and taste needs.


To ensure we always offer the best quality to meet these requirements, we have been producing foodstuffs for our global consumers with passion for more than 25 years!

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