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Here at Baker and Finnemore, we specialise in precision pressings and supply the lock industry with strip formed lock springs. We provide the electronics industry with heat-sinks, heat-sink clips, and retaining clips for infinite applications. We also supply bearing retainers for the automotive industry. We manufacture precision pressings, non-standard disc spring / belleville springs, waved / curved washers, knob clips, corner clips, and cable clips.

Push On Fasteners

We supply the innovative Starlock® push on fasteners, manufactured from finest quality high carbon steel and specially heat treated to ensure secure holding quality. Our unrivaled push on fasteners afix to the shaft to give an instant grip, thus eliminating costly threading and grooving operations. Once fixed in position, the push on fasteners are secure and cannot be removed without destruction.

Starlock Applications

Typical everyday Starlock® applications include:

  • Automotive - Starlocks® are used in many automotive applications with our customers recognising that Baker and Finnemore being TS16949 approved ensures high quality products
  • Construction - Insulation retention is a good example when a Starlock® with a small inside and large outside diameter is used
  • Electrical - The electrical / electronics industries use the Starlock® push on fix principle designed into a component to enable swift and permanent assembly

Push on Bolt Retainer

The innovative push on bolt retainer has been developed to comply with the latest European machine directive and secure components in transit. When the push on bolt retainer in position, the bolt retainer is pushed on to the threaded end of the bolt, and along the thread towards the bolt head, securing the bolt head against its location.

Starlock Fasteners

Starlock® Fasteners push-on fastener in itself is a precision pressing and is designed for applications where a quick, permanent and efficient means of assembly is required to retain plain shafts of steel, non-ferrous and plastic materials. They eliminate costly threading and grooving operations, facilitate rapid assembly, and once fixed in position, are so secure that they cannot be removed without destruction.

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