Baker Perkins Ltd


We provide a comprehensive range of confectionary equipment and services to help our clients in the sugar confectionary sector.

Our confectionary machinery is developed and tested at our innovation centre and offers cooking and depositing technologies applied for use with lollipops, hard candy, toffee and caramels, soft candy, and gums and jellies.

Our range gives huge versatility and cost effectiveness compared to conventional methods of starch mogul or wrap and cut and will help to lower production costs and give a high rate of return.


Our range of technology for snack products include high output snack extrusion, pillow crimpers for coextruded snacks and high quality direct expanded baked snacks.

Our processes for snack production can be integrated as part of a new line or to expand upon an existing one. Snack machinery can also be supplied to extrude traditional snack products or a range of healthy snacks.


Our equipment and services can help improve bread quality for the industrial baker. We offer a selection of bread machinery designed to handle dough through a diversity of moulding, rounding and dividing operations.

Throughout all bread procedures our technology keeps the dough's structure preserved and results in greater consumer appeal.

We provide a range of quality mixing, dividing and forming equipment  to help improve the quality of your bread. This exceptional result can also be achieved through refurbishment and upgrades on existing machinery. 

Breakfast Cereal

We have a range of breakfast cereal unit machines for breakfast cereal production. Our expertise has led to systems able to produce every kind of Ready To Eat cereal product.

We can supply breakfast cereal equipment for flaking and toasting and supply machinery such as high output shredded wheat liners.  

Biscuit Equipment

Our extensive range of biscuit equipment can be supplied for use in the cracker, cookie, soft biscuit, hard sweets, and baked pet food sectors.

We continually develop new technologies to improve performance and design biscuit machinery easy to operate and maintain. Our superior range of biscuit equipment, cracker equipment and cookie equipment includes wirecut bar capability machines and rotary cutters.

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