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Baldor UK are part of the USA based Baldor Electric Company, an innovator in the industrial electric motors and drives industry for almost 80 years. Baldor offers a broad product line that includes AC and DC electric motors from 0.5kW to 1000kW and includes leading edge Super E range of high efficiency motors designed to meet and exceed the most stringent energy efficiency ratings.

Baldor UK provides machine designers and users worldwide with high quality, advanced, motion control products supported by unrivalled expertise and applications advice. Highly flexible products are manufactured in volume, under rigorous quality assurance and enterprise resource planning systems, to give outstanding service in the most demanding applications, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The combination of technical expertise, vast experience of the motors, drives and motion control market and manufacturing excellence, has enabled Baldor to create world-beating products.

Motion Control Solutions

Baldor offers a wide range of motion control products to suit many different applications. Motion controllers are available in PCI format, as standalone units with USB, CANopen, serial and Ethernet interfaces and as intelligent programmable drives for use in single or multiaxis systems.

Offering between 1 and 16 axes of coordinated control, Baldor motion controllers offer a scalable solution for complete machine control.

Motion Control Solutions

Servo Drive Solutions

Baldor offer a range of servo drives to cover many different applications. Our drives range from simple analogue, Fieldbus controlled drives, indexing drives, fully programmable motion drives and real-time Ethernet solutions based on the open standard Ethernet Powerlink.

Baldor Servo drives control both rotary and linear AC servo motors, and are available from 1A single phase through to 33.5A three phase. For larger ratings see our VS1 product line

Servo Drive Solutions

Servo Motors

Baldor has been leading the way in energy efficient industrial motors since the 1920s - has been supplying the industry with adjustable speed controls since 1952, and has been supplying servo and motion control since 1983.

And ever since the beginning in 1983, Baldor has been supplying reliable servo motor solutions to worldwide applications. Baldor has the design team, experience, application support, test facilities, information, and the solution for your application needs.

Baldor goes beyond the industry standard with innovations to provide reliable performance, while exceeding customer expectations. Some examples of Baldor firsts:

  • stocking of servomotors for with immediate delivery - Baldor's commitment to provide you with service;
  • extra high insulated stator design for protection - Baldor's commitment to provide you with a quality product;
  • superior bearings with improved Exxon PolyrexEM TM polyrex grease to provide 4 times greater life - Baldor's commitment to you to provide a reliable product;
  • premium high temperature 200°C moisture resistance, multi-coated copper wire for ability to cope with large current spikes - Baldor's commitment to provide you with a superior product;

You have choices, whether that means a product from stock, or a specific custom design for your application - Baldor believes in providing you with choices and is always ready to tackle the most challenging application.

Baldor has a wide selection of high performance AC and DC servo motors. Brushless servomotors provide the industries highest power density for high torque to inertia in a very compact package. All Baldor servo motors are designed for durability, and ability to handle harsh environments in applications.

Baldor also supply a complete range of compatible servo drives, from simple 'amplifiers' through to fully programmable single axis positioners.

Servo Motors

Stepper Motors

DSMS-Series DC Integrated Stepper Motor and Microstepping Drive

Baldor's DSMS Series stepper motors follow on from the DSM stepper motors integrating a high torque stepper motor and microstepping drive. New features include:

  • Advanced second generation current control for exceptional performance and smoothness
  • Quieter operation
  • 20 microstep resolutions including degrees, metric and arc minutes
  • Wider operating voltage range
  • USB programming cable for easy setup
  • Operating temperature extended to -40 to 85 degC

This is ideally suited for machine designers who want the simplicity of an integrated solution. The DSM motors helps to reduce the wiring in the system and the potential for problems due to electrical noise.


Stepper Motors

Linear Products

Baldor provides industry with the widest range of linear motors, linear stages and controls. Being a leader in linear motor design and manufacturing, Baldor continually develops advanced products and innovations to meet a variety of linear motion applications.

Linear motors provide unique speed and positioning performance advantages. Linear motors provide direct-coupled motion and eliminate mechanical transmission devices. They offer substantial improvements over applications using ball screws, timing belts, etc. The rugged mechanical design provides accurate motion and precision positioning for hundreds of millions of cycles. Baldor linear motors and stages are used in thousands of successful applications worldwide.

Linear Products


Baldor offers a range of accessories to assist you in getting your application up and running as quickly as possible.

Accessories include:

  • HMI Panels
  • CANopen modular I/O system for digital and analogue I/O
  • 24V Power Supplies
  • Pre-made cables
  • Encoder splitter boards for following applications

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Motion Control (Mint®) Software Solutions

At Baldor, we believe in making your life easier. Mint® is the programming language for our range of motion controllers and programmable servo drives. Designed around Basic, Mint will be familiar to many. Mint offers ease of use with its English like keywords and high level functionality.

The latest version of Mint® offers multitasking capabilities for motion, I/O and HMI tasks. High level functionality in the form of tasks, functions and procedures allow machine control tasks to be easily broken down into smaller more manageable parts. Modularity not only makes it easier to develop applications, but also makes it easier to debug an application and re-use code for future projects.

 Motion Control (Mint®) Software Solutions

AC Motors

Studies have shown that Baldor is the most preferred supplier of electric motors in North America. Our offices in Europe stock a large variety of motors to meet your needs. We offer both NEMA and IEC frame motors, with motors products that meet or exceed IE3 efficiency standards.

Since the acquisition of Reliance Electric in 2007, our motor range has grown extensively and includes motors up to 11,000kW (15,000Hp).

AC Motors

AC Drives

Baldor Drives now offers a complete solution to your motor control needs.  From basic analogue soft starts to full fledged Vector technology, Baldor offers high performance products in an easy to use interface.  Drives start at 0.37kW and continue up to 600kW (800Hp).  Custom controls can be built up to 1125kW (1500Hp).  Each control is designed and manufactured to be the most reliable you can buy.

Download our AC Drives Solutions brochure for more information

AC Drives

DC Motors

Baldor manufactures a wide range of permanent magnet and would field DC industrial motors from 15kW to 550kW.

All of our DC motors are covered by applicable UL, CSA and CE approvals and a warranty you would expect from a World-Class manufacturer.

Our motors are avialable in IEC and NEMA frame, with a full range of IEC motors available from stock. The motors are complements by our range of DC Drives.

Our NEMA frame DC motors include permanent magnet designs through 5 HP and wound field designs through 500 HP designed for adjustable speed operation from SCR controls. Applications include conveyors, extruders, winders, printing presses and metering pumps. Most designs are constructed so a tachometer may be added for closed loop applications. Permanent magnet and wound field designs for 90 or 180 VDC have a 20:1 constant torque speed range.

We offer a large range of motors including:
  • General Purpose
  • Washdown
  • Explosion Proof
  • Power Motors
  • Integral Tachometer
  • Lifting Magnet Motors
DC Motors

DC Drives

Baldor's VersaFlex DC Drives combine digital motor control circuitry with reliable SCR power devices to provide advanced DC motor control and protection. Onboard operator control allows easy programming of control set-up and operating parameters. Optional feedback expansion boards enhance drive capabilities by allowing the control to continuously monitor a motor-mounted AC or DC tachometer or incremental encoder. Controls from 35 to 165A continuous include built-in line contactor, control logic supply, and fuses (line, armature, field supply, and control logic). Other options include internally mounted blower motor starter, and communications boards. VersaFlex DC and Regen DC controls can be configured using Workbench D.


  • VersaFlex DC control provides unidirectional (single quadrant) digital control
  • VersaFlex Regen DC provides bidirectional (4 quadrant) regenerative control
  • 220 to 500V line input (±10%) and 50 or 60 Hz input for worldwide use
  • Operator keypad is remote mountable to 10 feet (3m) for optimum ergonomic placement
  • Expansion boards provide connection to RS-485, Modbus, Profibus DP, DeviceNet networks
DC Drives
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