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Serving the manufacturing industry, we meet all of your ballscrew needs. Whether you need repair, a replacement or an upgrade we can help. Our superior knowledge, excellent customer service and extensive product range means that Ballscrew Services Ltd are THE one stop shop for all things ballscrew.

Ballscrew Repairs and Replacement

Do you have ballscrews in need of repair? We undertake certified repairs for any type or origin of ballscrew within 24 hours. Should we find that repair is unacceptable or uneconomic we can quote for replacement or a more in-depth repair.

In addition to ballscrew repairs we also offer a like-for-like ballscrew replacement service. We machine replacements in-house within 7 days regardless of the origin of the original. If, for some reason we cannot supply you with a replacement from our stock, we can usually source one within four weeks.

We’re the ballscrew specialists, providing replacements, repairs, upgrades and more.

Ballscrew Repairs and Replacement

Ballscrew Upgrade

Once a ballscrew is beyond economical repair a like for like replacement can be supplied or in most cases, we can look at the application and the parameters to determine whether an upgrade is feasible. Any upgrade would include the use of larger balls, more contact balls or ceramic balls and surface treatment to the raceways. The advantages are numerous (less lubrication, harder raceways, lower torque, less vibration, less noise) all resulting in the benefit of a significant increase in operating life of the ballscrew, by a minimum of 35%.

Whilst the unit price of the upgraded ballscrew will be high compared to a like-for-like replacement, the benefit of extended life will outweigh the cost through increased productivity and less application downtime.

If you would like to discuss the possibilities further please contact us with your enquiry

Ballscrews for OEM Applications

If you are looking for ballscrews for an existing or new application we can help. We would welcome the opportunity to quote for your current requirements or to discuss your new application whereby we can recommend "fitness for purpose". 

We can offer:-

  • All international standard grades including DIN and JIS classification. Please see data sheets to allow product selection.
  • Diameters up to 180mm.
  • Length up to 12 metre.
  • High lead (square)
  • High load
  • Ballnut envelopes as standard (see datasheets) or to customer print.
  • Ballnuts in single, double, flanged, cylinder or prismatic

In short we offer a huge range of ballscrews, so if you have a requirement contact us to discuss.

Actuators Supply & Repair

Ballscrew Services offer partial or total refurbishment of Actuators and Linear Modules to the highest standards bringing the unit back to “as new” condition. Any type or drive configuration whether Ballscrew, Leadscrew or Belt can be fully serviced including the repair or replacement of component parts. If the unit incorporates a motor the electrical integrity of the system can be fully checked after refurbishment.

In the unlikely event that the unit is beyond economical repair Ballscrew Services can usually supply a direct or better quality replacement.

Miniature Leadscrews

Ballscrew Services carry a range of miniature leadscrews and nuts to suit numerous applications in various industries including Medical, Scientific, Surveillance, Electronics, Semi-Conductor, Packaging, Factory Automation & Processing.

Leadscrews can be supplied in either alloy or stainless material and can be offered with accuracy grades to suit specific application demands. Sizes range from 3mm diameter upwards.

Nuts can be supplied in either bronze or high strength engineering plastic and can be machined to suit any mounting requirement including flange, fine thread, keylock etc. Anti-backlash Nuts can be supplied for precise applications.

Leadscrew ends and nut mounting flanges can be machined to specific customer requirements.

The Ballscrew Services range of miniature leadscrew assemblies offer a cost effective method of linear movement so if you have a current requirement or would like to discuss anything related to the product please contact us and talk to one of our application engineers.

Spindle Repairs

Ballscrew Services, in strategic partnership with Spindle Services, now offer a complete spindle repair, refurbishment and upgrade service with detailed teardown reports supplied. Spindle Services are “The Spindle Specialists” in servicing spindles of any make and any type or application (belt driven, high frequency, integral motor etc.). Spindle Services also offer spindle component reclamation including hard chrome plating, metal spraying, ceramic coatings, boring and bushing.

An additional complete precision machine tool spindle refurbishment package is available, where one of our Service Engineers would normally be on site within one working day to remove your failed spindle, the Engineer can also carry out any other works on the machine as required. The reinstallation of your spindle includes full Software Integration to your CNC machine.

Upon arrival of your failed spindle at Spindle Services in Coventry, it will be disassembled and thoroughly inspected to identify the underlying cause of failure. A detailed teardown report together with a full quotation will be given along with any recommendations. On confirmation of order the spindle will then be rebuilt with new super precision bearings in our purpose built Clean Room, the spindle will then undergo extensive testing and inspection.

Bedway Covers & Tensile Guarding

To maintain good operating performance from your machine it is essential to keep it free from contamination, so ensuring that your guarding is effective is important. We at Ballscrew Services can repair any damaged guards and covers bringing them back to "as new" condition. Refurbishment of old or damaged guards & covers can be a fast and cost effective solution.

In the event that guards are damaged beyond economical repair we can quote for a like for like replacement.

Precision Ground Locknuts

A new range of precision ground locknuts are now available on quick delivery, ISO 4H, DIN42Cr Mo4 quality to suit shaft sizes 6mm – 200mm with axial and Radial clamping .ideally used in machine tool Spindle & Ballscrew applications .

Products and service:

  • Precision Locknuts for Bearings
  • Firm Fastening Locknuts
  • Custom Locknuts
  • Product Design and Development

To discuss your requirements or for assistance please do not hesitate to
contact us

Why use our locknuts?

When applied to a rotating spindle / ball screw of a machine, it will effectively prevent it from distortion and improve precision of assembly.

Our Locknuts give you simple set up, and prolong the life of your machine.

When applied to other areas, the problems of measuring, adjusting and the deformation after the bolt is locked etc, can all be improved significantly.

Locknut features:

  • Thread precision of ISO 4H
  • High load carrying capacity
  • Easy correction to a right angle against axis
  • Lock without a washer or keyway
  • Save assembly time with increased precision and save cost
  • Effectively prevent spindles and ball screws from distortion
  • Prolong the life of bearings and machines
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Can be reused if handled properly

MF Series - Flank Locking

  • The setscrews of locknut intersect at a 30˚ angle with the radial axis which 
    drive the locking brass to be perfectly stuck on the thread flank of shaft.
  • No thrust washer or keyway needed.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Can be reused if handled properly.
  • The connecting face and thread area are all produced by a high precision 
    grinding process.
  • Material - SCM 440
  • Hardness - HRC 28-32
  • Precision - ISO 4H

Tool Post Grinders

Ballscrew Services Ltd. tool post grinding units are normally used on lathes, for external, internal and face grinding. The spindle motor is driven by a precision balanced motor with the grinding wheels speed adjustable by a simple change of pulleys.

Our Toolpost Grinders are easily adaptable and can be fitted to a wide variety of machines. 

According to the diameter or length of grind, you may resort to use of different types of internal grinding spindles, either CTE, CTI, or CTP type for deep holes, all of which are interchangeable and adaptable within the same diameter.


The Ballscrew Services Ltd. High Speed tool post grinders, RPC type units are specifically designed for grinding rubber and polyeurethane. Iron housing toolpost grinders are custome made to meet each customers specific centreline height and bolt pattern requirements ensuring easy installation of each unit.

Such tool post grinders include our precision spindle CTE105 type and are designed to handle special grinding wheels for rubber and polyurethane. Highest speed is 7500rpm and all motors are properly balanced to avoid any vibration. The drive system is by Poly-V belts


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