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We are specialist suppliers of wristbands and passes. As a way of identifying someone for an event or conference, both wristbands and passes are extremely useful.

Also suitable for conferences and music events, our wide range of printed security passes is reliable and available in many different styles and colours. 


A great means of identification for many events, our wristbands come in an eclectic range of colours and sizes. Our wristbands are secure and can not be removed or transferred without them being permanently damaged.

Styles of wristbands we stock include:

  • Fabric wristbands
  • Tyvek wristbands
  • Vinyl wristbands
  • Plastic wristbands
  • Full colour wristbands


A great way to ensure your company or product gets noticed, we supply lanyards of varying specifications that can be printed and are available in silk screen print or dye sublimation.

Our lanyards are also available in varying widths and product categories include:

  • Plain lanyards
  • Screen printed lanyards


We have an extensive range of passes available. We can also make bespoke passes and differing styles are available including sticky passes, laminate passes and plasticard passes.

They have been designed for varying elements of security for:

  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Sports Events

Tour Itineraries

We are experienced in designing tour itineraries for the music industry.

All of our tour itineraries are laminated for protection and sizes available include A4 and A5. We can also provide you with an A6 sized tour itinerary if you prefer. Other features include a plastic spiral and we can provide you with a compiling service.

Tour Itineraries

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