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We supply a comprehensive range of temperature measurement and process chart recorders. These temperature measurement recorders range from 60mm to 180mm in writing width.

The new KR temperature measurement series of paperless and touch screen chart recorders have up to 48 channels plus LAN connectivity.

Thermometer Calibration Systems

We have a range of thermometer calibration systems and supply world class precision reference calibrating thermometers and resistance thermometry bridges. These will bring your organisation in-line with ISO17025 standards.

We have over 20 years of experience in thermometer calibration systems and temperature calibration products. We supply RTD probes, Liquid & Drywell Metal Block temperature calibrating baths, blackbody IR references and control software to make your calibration easier.

Meteorology Sensors

We provide meteorology sensors in the form of compact weather stations, providing professional data for wind speed/direction, precipitation, dewpoint, barometric pressure and solar radiation.

These meteorology sensors will give meteorology information for road/rail, pollution monitoring stations, hydrology, marine, wind turbine and wind profiling applications.

Precision Accurate Thermometer

We supply precision accurate thermometer solutions for a wide range of applications including temperature and pressure as well as humidity and process signal measurement.

Our precision accurate thermometer range includes hand-held instruments for laboratory use and industrial applications. These cover humidity, dewpoint, temperature, measurement and data logging. Most of our instruments are manufactured in the EU.

Data Loggers

We supply data loggers powered by internal battery, USB connection, or power over ethernet. These data loggers measure, record and display important indoor air quality metrics like no other product can.

To avoid sick building syndrome in public places or for the care of historical artefacts, it is imperative the quality of the indoor environment is closely and accurately monitored with appropriate alarms when critical levels are reached.

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