Barnshaws Steel Bending Group



  • Section Bending - Head Office (Oldbury, West Midlands).
  • Plate Bending & Shearing - (Coseley, West Midlands).
  • Profile Cutting - (Coseley, West Midlands).
  • Structural Division - (Coseley, West Midlands).
  • All Services - (Audenshaw, Manchester).
  • All Services - (Hamilton, Scotland).

Barnshaws Steel Bending has grown to be the largest specialist steel bending company in the world.

The company has six branches throughout England and Scotland, and has an unrivalled capacity.

Overview of services offered

  • Structural - All beams can be curved, split and profiled.
  • Tube Bending - Flat and spiral.
  • Section Bending - Entire range of sections can be curved to precise co-ordinates.
  • Press Braking - Largest range of press brakes in the UK. up to 1000 tonne and 12 metre long.
  • Plate Rolling - Plate can be rolled up to 4600 wide and thicknesses of up to 80mm can be curved.
  • Edge Prepping - Weld preparation using mechanical and flame cutting.
  • Welding - Coded Submerged Arc welding and Mig welding to cylinder seams/ring joints.
  • Shearing - Shearing capacity up to 8 metres long and up to 25mm thick.
  • Laser Cutting - 12m x 4m up to 15mm thick.
  • Plasma Cutting - Twin head 18m x 5.5m up to 30mm thick.
  • Flame Cutting - 6 Head Flame Cutting 18m x 5m up to 200mm thick.
  • Cad/Cam - Ductwork development, 2D/3D file import, automatic nesting. 


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