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Here at Barrett Energy Products, we supply carbon and alloy for a variety of requirements. Our carbon and alloy is strengthened by the addition of chromium and molybdenum in various amounts to provide increased toughness and hardening capability. We often supply carbon and alloy for applications such as valve bodies and casing hangars.

Sour Service & API Grade Materials

We offer sour service and API grade materials designed to add options for engineers who require additional mechanical strength in applications that involve mild sour service requirements.

The robust chemistry used for our sour service and API grade materials offers H2S resistance in higher proprietary grades including 125SS. We supply products in seamless tubes in almost any imaginable wall thickness or solid with diameters up to 30” or larger as required.

Sour Service & API Grade Materials

Nickel & Super Alloys

We supply a range of nickel alloy for a variety of applications including tubing hangers, valve stems and gates. We boast unrivalled technical expertise and knowledge in nickel and super alloys. Our nickel and super alloys are distributed from Sheffield. 
Our hardened nickel alloy grades offer high strength and good corrosion resistance, suitable for demanding service applications used in aggressive environments.

Nickel & Super Alloys

Forging & Heat Treatment

Our extensive manufacturing and material facilities enable us to offer forging and heat treatment to the oil and gas industry. We provide cost effective forging and heat treatment to meet a wide variety of needs.

Our products and services include:

  • Saw cutting
  • NDT testing
  • Shot-blasting
  • Cladding and overlay
  • Fitting and assembly
  • Raw materials
  • Forging
  • Mechanincal testing
Forging & Heat Treatment


Here at Barrett Steel, we specialise in precision machining for the oil, gas and petrochemical industry to meet a variety of demanding applications. Our highly skilled workforce and vast range of machining equipment enables us to produce one off bespoke components and complete batches to meet individual requirements.



We use a range of conventional machines together with our own in-house tooling to enable use to bore a variety of sizes. We use a MGA and VDF deep hole borer to work with an assortment of materials including:

  • Low alloy steels - 4130, 4140, 4145, 8630, 817M40, F22
  • Carbon Steels - LF2, F52, F60, F65
  • Austenitic Stainless Steels - 304/L, 316/L, 312
  • Precipitation Hardening Steel - 17/4PH
  • Duplex Steels - A182 F51, A182 F55
  • Nickel Alloys - 718, 625, 825

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