Barricade Ltd


Barricade is a UK based steel fabrication company and trusted supplier of stainless steel and mild steel street furniture, bollards, fencing, guardrails,bike storage solutions, shelter systems, hoop barriers, boot wipers, litter bins and bespoke steel products.
We supply street furniture and bespoke goods nationwide and also ship a large amount of our products internationally.

As Barricade fabricate our own mild steel and stainless steel products in-house, we are able to offer high quality goods at extremely competitive prices, with the added benefit of the design flexibility that in-house production offers. We pride ourselves on our very high production standards and employ a highly experienced team of metal fabricators.

All of our street furniture products are manufactured to suit our client's specifications and are available in a variety of high quality materials including: mild steel, stainless steel, recycled plastic, cast polymer, polyurethane, cast iron and *hardwood or softwood timber.

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