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Barrier Healthcare Ltd is a long established supplier of disposables to a range of medical professions inlcuding Doctors SurgeriesDental Surgeries, Veterinary Practices, Nursing Homes, Residential Homes, Physiotherapists, Chiropodists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Laboratories, Hairdressers & Stylists.

All the items on this site are identical to those available through our traditional mail order service, with all orders being placed before 4.30pm available for next day delivery.

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Couch Rolls

Firona 40 Couch Roll

Our newest couch roll offers practitioners a high quality strong, couch roll with easy tear perforations and long 40m rolls. The Firona 40 range of couch roll has been sourced within europe and is availabe at just £12.25 per box of 9. Economy price, quality product.

B|Braun Hand Sanitizers

In the fight against MRSA and other harmful hand bourne organisms, B|Brain Medical have developed Softalind, a hand sanitizer which is available in both liquid and viscous form; that not only achieves, but exceeds the EN1500 standards againsts which all hand sanitizers are tested.

Softalind Pure

Pure the the traditional hand sanitizer from B|Braun and can be found in many NHS hospitals throughout the country, accompanied by the other hand washes and soaps on offer from B|Braun.

Softalind Visco Rub

Visco Rub is slightly thicker liquid form of the two sanitizers in the range and seems to be the preferred options amongst practitioners, this is suggested to be because the product is easier to 'handle'.

Meditrade Latex Gloves

Meditrade Gentle Skin Latex Gloves

Meditrade Gentle Skin have fast become our customers first choice in powder free latex examination gloves. The gloves offer practitioners a textured surface, coupled with production techniques that enhance the gloves gripping ability. The manufacturing process includes multiple wash stages to reduce surface proteins imparting a defreee of hypo-allergenicy to the finished product, leaving a strong, comfortable glove with excellent grip. 

Meditrade NextGen Nitrile Gloves

Meditrade NextGen Nitrile Gloves

Meditrade NextGen Nitrile have fast become our customers first choice in powder free nitrile examination gloves. The gloves offer practitioners a hard wearing and comfortable latex free examination glove. Using newly developed manufacturing techniques the NextGen Nitrile is now lightweight and able to mirror the properties of a latex glove far better than previous nitrile gloves.

The use of Nitrile gloves removes any possible reaction related to latex allergies and offering microtextured fingertips to give practitioners fantastic grip; this coupled with the new lower price for Nitrile gloves' it's not hard to see why the demand for NextGen Nitrile has increased. 



Meditrade Vinyl Gloves

Meditrade Vinyl Powder Free Gloves

Meditrade Vinyl are hypoallegenic due to to being latex and protein free and offer practitioners the very best value for money. Manufactured in germany the vinyl gloves are strong, comfortable and have microtextured fingertips for enhanced grip. 

Firona C Fold Hand Towels

Firona C Fold Hand Towels

The Firona C Fold Hand Towels are our best selling 2Ply C-Fold hand towels, made from 100% virgin pure pulp paper these hand towels come in cases of 24 sleeves, each sleeve containing 100 towels saving time when refilling. The Firona C fold towels are strong, durable and have good absorbtion and will fit into most traditional C-fold dispensers.  

V-Fold Hand Towels

V-Fold Hand Towels 2ply

Our V-Fold Hand towels are fast becomming the hand towel of choice due to their cost-saving properties. Whereas with the traditional C-Fold towels which are able to dispense multiple towels at a time as customers grab them from the dispensers the V-fold hand towels dispense singlularly; and as each towel is dispensed the next towel is left ready for the next customer. 

This simple change in Fold allows the towels to be already folded open for use as soon as dispensed, combined with the single towel dispensing method the V-fold saves both time and money! 

The 2ply towels are soft, durable with good absorbtion properties; cases come 24 convient sleeves for refilling dispensers and have 3200 towels per case, V-fold towels will also fit into most standard dispensers. The perfect quality product at an affordable price, call us today and request a sample bundle to see how you could save money with a simple switch of hand towel!

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