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Here at Barton Petroleum, we supply an impressive range of fuels and lubricants in and around the east and south of England, including gas oil, kerosene, diesel, petrol. We also supply Castrol, Morris and Q8 lubricants. Our specialist staff will provide you with advice to source the correct product to suit each application. We supply fuels and lubricants in an array of pack sizes from 500ml to bulk deliveries to suit your requirements.

Our range of lubricants provides essential protection for expensive plant and machinery. We help to ensure machining operations not only run efficiently, but in accordance with good housekeeping procedures and current health and safety requirements.

Agricultural Fuels

We supply agricultural fuels with fast and efficient delivery services. We have over 35 years of experience in providing the agricultural industry with high quality fuels at affordable prices. As well as agricultural fuels, we supply a complete range of agricultural lubricants and greases delivered to your door. Our experienced team will provide advice on tanks, tank replacement, boiler maintenance, and environmental legislation. 

Environmental Initiatives

We support environmental initiatives within the local community. Our environmental initiatives are designed to prevent oil pollution from accidental spillage, vandalism, leaking tanks, collisions and operative neglect. We liaise closely with the Environment Agency, and recently in collaboration with the Oil Care Campaign.

Retail Fuel

As a local supplier of petrol, we supply retail fuel to the small to medium-sized petrol stations. With many years of experience, we understand the local markets and the difficulties smaller sites are faced with. We understand and recognise the importance many of our sites play in their local community. We can assist with the supply of retail fuel and also provide an image for your site. 

Barton Petroleum

Here at Barton Petroleum, we are an independent supplier of fuels and lubricants to the industry, farming and the home. For over four decades we have been providing excellent levels of service to customers and have gained and excellent reputation, with an ISO 9001 accreditation. 

At Barton Petroleum we have depots in Watford, Leicester, Oakley, and Wellingborough to enable us to deliver competitively priced fuels quickly and efficiently.

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