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Drainage Systems Online can boast an impressive 18,000 sq ft warehouse with a choice of thousand of products in stock. We offer a comprehensive range of high quality products at highly competitive prices and supply them with a fast delivery system. With over 50 years experience in the business, you can buy from us with confidence, benefiting from our expertise and superior aftersales care.

Our Qwik Jon Ultima above ground pumping station is economical and designed for free standing or built-in installations. Above ground pumping stations can be installed just about anywhere and feature a non-corrosive thermoplastic mini-grinder pump, dual cutting action, hardened stainless steel cutter and disc, and carbon or ceramic mechanical shaft seal. Visit our website for full technical specifications and an interactive demo on the Qwik Jon compact pumping station.

Sewage Treatment Plants

We provide an extensive range of pumping stations suitable for domestic application with sewage treatment plants. The Mini (185ltr) sewage pumping station is one such product. This pump's mini system is designed for the transfer of sewage and waste water and specifically manufactured for easy installation.

We are suppliers of the high quality Zoeller range of sewage pumping stations and pumps. The Zoeller Grey & Storm water packaged pumping station, Midi (350ltr), is used for a variety of drainage applications including treatment plants and septic tanks.

All our pumps suited to sewage treatment plants comply with BS EN 12050-1:2001 and BS EN 752-6:1998.

Sewage Treatment Plants

Septic Tank Filters

Simple to install or retrofit, the Zoeller septic tank filter fits inside any 4" sanitary tee. The filter cartridge slides into the filter sleeve and locks together by holding the sleeve stationary and rotating the cartridge clockwise.

Septic tank filters only allow the clearest effluent from leaving the tank and the Zoeller filter extends beneath the scum layer and above the sludge layer to withdraw effluent from the clear-water zone of the tank.

The installation of septic tank filters help lower maintenance costs and only needs periodic service by the homeowner in order to keep it in peak performance.

Sewage Pumping Stations

Our comprehensive selection of sewage pumping stations comply to the Buildings Regulation standards stating a minimum of 150 litre capacity per person, per day for a main sewage pumping station with a 50mm solids handling sewage pump.

Our range includes Zoeller sewage pumping stations with rail system designed for use in areas where gravity flow is not available, as well as twin pumping stations created for drainage applications and stations for the transfer of sewage or grey/waste water.

The full range of Zoeller sewage pumping stations are complete 'job ready' products specifically designed for easy installation and supplied with an optional A-Pak high water alarm if required.

Sump Pump Systems

SuperSump designs the world's best sump pump systems and produces them to be extremely quiet and reliable. They are supplied pre-assembled for quick installation with applications ranging from basements, cellars and laundry tray pumps to wet bar sinks and dehumidifier water removal.

These sump pump systems are most commonly used to drain surface water, plumbed into side as drainage channels and used for small grey water pumping applications.

Basement Pumping Stations

We are also distributors of Basement Systems pumping stations and basement waterproofing solutions. Basement Systems pump systems are the world's best and the most reliable currently available on the market. 

Our range of basement pumping stations also includes cellar drainage pumps, under sink pumping stations, and mini basement sump pumps. All these basement pumping stations are designed to keep your cellar or basement dry. Many of our smaller pumping stations can be used in conjunction with appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines.

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