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We specialise in personal care and cosmetics. With personal care and cosmetics, our expertise and knowledge is heavily relied upon in the personal care industries of both Europe and Asia.

As a renowned and dedicated manufacturer of silicone, we specialise in supplying and manufacturing high quality silicone emulsions and functional silicone fluids for our diverse customer base.

In 2011, Basildon Chemicals was purchased by the KCC Corporation of Korea. This partnership has successfully resulted in a company's vast history of excellence in silicone emulsification being supported by the backing of a fast-growing, world-leading primary silicone manufacturer.

We are re-engineering for the 21st century, with innovative, functional siloxane ingredients designed to meet the increasing global demands for safe, effective and environmentally sound technology, with a focus on redefining the personal care sector.

Manufacturer of Silicones

We are a manufacturer of silicones and formulate a range of silicone emulsions and compounds. We specialise in improving consumer markets especially pharmaceutical, personal care and food sectors. We can manufacture silicone coatings for car care and argochemical applications as well.

Our powdered antifoams are food and kosher certified and silicone greases are approved by electrical and water authorities. We have been a manufacturer of silicones for over 40 years and in that time have built upon considerable experience and proudly provide a range of quality services and products.

Silicone Products

We provide a comprehensive selection of silicone products suited to a wide range of applications and requirements. Among many others our silicone products do include antifoam for food quality and pharmaceutical fermentations, alkali and acid stable antifoams and antifoams with a ranging percentage of silicone quantity.

We also supply silicone emulsion designed with water repellent properties and a blend of high viscosity silicone ideal as an ingredient in skin and hair care formulations.

We also stock silicone fluids and greases. Our array of silicone products have been supplied for the water, textile, inks and coatings, and general industry sectors.


We have been formulating high quality antifoams for many years and produce a range of antifoamers for use in food-based industries including argochemicals, food processing and fermentation. Antifoams are used to reduce unwanted foam from generating in your products.

We also have pharmaceutical antifoamers available in accordance to US and European standards and our antifoamers are provided with high or low viscosity content.

Silicone Emulsions

Our wealth of experience has equipped us with a range of silicone emulsions formulations and various fluid types.

We have developed a variety of silicone emulsions with differing particle sizes and emulsifier systems and have produced emulsions where either lubrication, gloss, antistatic properties are required.

Silicone Fluids

We can supply a range of silicone fluids in a variety of viscosities, grades and types. Our silicone fluids include amino, hydroxyl, methyl hydrogen and polyether.

We also provide modified silicone fluids like phenyl. In addition to this array of silicone fluids, we also carry a range of unique pharmaceutical grade dimethicone fluids.

Silicone Greases

We provide a range of highly-effective silicone greases ideal for use in greases for the buildings and water industries as lubricants in pipework, plastics and water fittings.

Our silicone greases comply with WRC water regulations and are tested to electrical standards.

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