Bauer Kompressoren UK Ltd


Bauer Kompressoren UK is a subsidiary of Bauer Kompressoren in Munich, Germany which is a renowned world leading breathing air compressor manufacturer. Every breathing air compressor unit we manufacture is tested according to TÜV/GS quality norms and product safety standards. So we can assure you with high quality, reliable and safe products every time.

Industrial High Pressure Compressors

At Bauer, we supply a complete range of industrial high pressure compressors for industrial air and gas. Whatever your specific requirements are, we are confident we can find the right industrial high pressure compressor unit for you with our selection of high pressure compressor equipment.

Industrial Air Compressors

At Bauer, we have a commitment to build the highest quality industrial air compressors with both medium and high pressures. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge to engineer many varieties of industrial air compressors to meet your specifications and our website is a showcase of our excellent products.

Air Treatment

Air treatment is an essential aspect for many applications, units and processes. Without sufficient purification of air, undesirable gases have the potential to build up. At Bauer, air treatment is taken very seriously to ensure our products are reliable and tailored to suit your needs.

Gas Assist Injection Technology

Our gas assist injection technology has been perfected with over 60 years experience in maintaining our global leading status in high pressure compressors. We have a remarkable collection of products fuelled with gas assist injection technology with complete systems solutions for your assistance.

Compressed Natural Gas

Compressed natural gas (CNG) is the clean alternative to gasoline and diesel.

We can provide system fuelling solutions for compressed natural gas as it becomes more popular in low emission vehicles, revolutionising urban areas. In fact we offer various services regarding CNG from the original planning solutions to installation and project management.

Screw Compressors

As part of our diverse product span, we can manufacture and supply wide varieties of screw compressors generally are designed to create, enhance and promote your compressor system workings. We have an abundance of screw compressor designs, each item with differing features to suit individual specifications.

Bauer Accessories

Bauer accessories are a unique collection of products for scuba diving and water sports. We have a broad range of Bauer accessories all available to view on our website.

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