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Bauromat is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of AUTOMATED HANDLING and WELDING SYSTEMS, ROBOT CELLS, PIERCING RIGS and STRETCH BENDING MACHINES

Competitively priced systems can be offered by minimizing production rates using our low cost manufacturing facility and by creating partnerships with world leader suppliers of welding controls, arc welding equipment and industrial robots. 

Numerous HANDLING and WELDING SYSTEMS, ROBOT CELLS, PIERCING RIGS and STRETCH BENDING MACHINES have been supplied to various major automotive companies, office furniture suppliers and yellow and white goods industries.  Read More

Resistance Welding Systems and Products

Resistance welding is a very COST EFFECTIVE and RELIABLE WAY of  joining metals with minimal distortion.

We can provide systems and components for all types of resistance welding techniques from pedestal welders to full automatic turnkey solutions.

  • HiSpot Welding Systems
  • C&X Conexion Robot Welding Guns
  • Fixture Guns
  • Portable Guns
  • Multi Welding Systems
  • Welding Control & Transformers
  • Spot. Projection & Seam Welders
Resistance Welding Systems and Products

Mig/Mag & Plasma Systems

Either modular ROBOT ARC WELDING CELLS or DEDICATED SYSTEMS BAUROMAT can offer very competitive solutions.

System built to standard specifications or tailored to customer standards if required.

  • HiArc Welding Systems
  • Welding Packages
  • Rotary & Linear Arc Welding Machines
  • Welding Torches & Cleaning Stations (TBI)
Mig/Mag & Plasma Systems

Handling and Assembly Solutions

Combining innovative design of GRIPPERS with the DEXTERITY, SPEED and RELIABILITY of MODERN ROBOTS, ensures your handling requirements are dealt with EFFICIENTLY and SAFELY.

Bespoke gripper design using a variety, or combination of specialist methods according to process requirements.

  • Palletizing and Packing Systems
  • Benefits of Robot Palletizing
  • Grippers
  • General Handling and Assembly Systems
Handling and Assembly Solutions

Kyrus Robot Positioner Range

Many robot systems require the accurate repositioning of the work piece for greater access for processing.

Bauromat offers the full Kyrus range of positioners from simple two station indexers to multi axis special configurations and with payloads from 150 Kg up to 20,000 Kg in standard forms allowing us to manipulate most products.

All positioners are available with interfaces to suit any robot brand drive or we can supply separate drive modules if required.

At the heart of robot positioning systems are the gearboxes. This is where quality matters the most and for this reason positioners within our automotive and heavy industrial range all use Sumitomo Cyclo Gearboxes. Read More

Kyrus Robot Positioner Range

Robot Welding fixtures

Fixtures for Welding and Assembly
Quality welding and assembly fixtures are crucial to a stable process of manufacture.

We can offer fixtures to suit all specifications and with full manufacturing facility in China we can offer very competitive solutions. All design is carried out in the UK in 3D and depending on time scales can either be manufactured in UK or China. Strict quality control maintains standards expected by European customers.

All fixtures are designed with European standard products to ensure spares are easily obtained.

Customers who wish to design their own fixtures we can offer very competitive build to print service. 

All fixtures can be inspected to CAD data and supplied with a full inspection reports.

Robot Welding fixtures

Machine Refurbishment

No need to discard old machines, with cost effective refurbishment options we will undertake machine rebuild to any desired level.

From a simple pedestal machine, to a complete system overhaul, from replacement of singular components to complete strip, paint, rebuild and rewire. Staged overhauls can also be done to minimise production downtime.

SERervices Include

Safety Upgrades

Old systems rarely comply with modern safety standards. We offer a risk assessment service to advice on minimum acceptable standards.

Many companies are finding with a new culture of employees suing for work related injuries is on the increase and old systems are easy to override safety protocols. Being old machines does not make any difference in court. 

Robot Systems

Through the rigours of production, the end of the robot gets a particularly hard life and reliability suffers, Bauromat will undertake to either refurbish or replace worn or damaged equipment and cabling. Modern loom systems now offer greater reliability with the improvement in materials technology.

Machine Refurbishment

Stretch Bending & Roll Forming Equipment

Bauromat have in house expertise in for the roll forming, stretch bending and piercing and punching of various components. 

We have over 50 years experience in the automotive industry which enables us to come up with solutions from the basic and simple through to the more innovative high end production solutions.

Further more through our associated engineering services team we can also assess feasibility of customer produced component designs.  Both speeding up product development and also reducing tooling costs.

  • Roll Forming & Associated Equipment
  • Associated Engineering Services
  • Stretch Bending Equipment
Stretch Bending & Roll Forming Equipment

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