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Bay Plastics are synonymous with quality and excellence in the distribution and fabrication of semi-finished plastic materials. We offer an extensive range of stock to accommodate the diverse market for plastic materials and plastic products.

Our commitment to service and unrivalled product knowledge enables us to guide you in all aspects of material selection and component design through to production.  Whatever the application, we can offer a solution to all your bespoke plastic needs.

Engineering Plastics

We carry an extensive range of general engineering plastics, semi-finished plastic materials available in sheets, plates, rods and tubes. We offer professional cutting service, rapid turnaround and cut to size option on all general engineering plastics.

As well as offering advantages over metallic materials, our general engineering plastics hold excellent mechanical and thermal properties over other more commonly used commodity plastics. Engineering plastics are easily workable compared to their metal counterparts.

Engineering plastics offer many advantages over metal as a production material:

• Reduction in weight
• Good wear properties
• Superior corrosion and chemical resistance
• Ease of processing
• Electrical and thermal insulation
• Cost savings

Nylon & Nylatron Rods and Sheets

Nylon Sheet and Nylon Rod have become the most well known engineering plastics due to their excellent properties. Nylon rod and sheet act as an all rounder product and are capable of many situations, being a safe and dependable plastic.

Nylon 6 is perhaps the most popular used nylon grade used throughout Europe due to its properties, and Nylon sheet is particularly easy to machine, be it through automated machines or manual machinery. Ertalon and Nylatron are the brand names for Nylon 6 and Nylon 66 grades.

Acetal & Delrin

Acetal sheets, plates and rods are among the strongest and stiffest of all thermoplastics. Acetal and Delrin plastic materials are characterised by good fatigue life, low moisture sensitivity, and high resistance to solvents and chemicals.

Acetal products also contain good electrical properties. Homopolymer and Copolymer grade of acetal (Ertacetal brand name) are available including an enhanced bearing grade material.

Derlin is a semi crystalline engineering plastic that is beneficial to engineering applications, and is suited to CNC machining.

Glazing Plastics, DIY Plastics and Construction Plastics

Glazing plastics, DIY plastics and Construction Plastics are available to buy Cut to Size. A vast range of plastic sheeting is available for glazing panels or secondary glazing applications. Acrylic sheets, PETG sheets, polycarbonate sheets and PVC sheets are all suitable for glazing applications.

Sign, Print, Display Plastics

Display Plastics and Sign Plastics are normally created using Perspex acrylic sheets, which give outstanding corporate identities for leading brands worldwide. The Perspex colour range is almost limitless with cut to size options available; the freedom of choice is overwhelming. To accompany the Perspex range we supply an extensive range of wall mounted sign supports, cable systems and rod systems ensuring complete design flexibility. It's never been easier creating professional eye-catching displays with our fabrication division offering plastic shaping and cutting, polishing, bending and drilling services on request.

Perspex Sheet

Perspex sheets are available in solid or opaque, clear transparent and translucent range of colours to suit all types of applications from Perspex signs to point of purchase displays. The Perspex brand is regarded internationally, as the leading acrylic sheet material because of its design, innovation and finish quality. All Perspex sheet material comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Bay Plastics are an official fabricator and distributor of Perspex acrylic sheets either as a full sheet, or custom sizes cut to your specific requirement.

Plastic Fabrication

Bay Plastics Fabrication has become synonymous with quality and excellence in plastic parts manufacture for industrial and commercial applications. With over 20 years of expertise in the plastics fabrication sector, our commitment to service, quality and value, along with unrivalled product knowledge enables us to guide you in all aspects of plastic material selection, component design through to production. To complement this we also offer a comprehensive troubleshooting and design service, using the latest software in providing customers with 3D visuals before production. Whatever the application, we can offer a solution to all your professional bespoke plastic fabricated requirements.

 • Plastic welding & machining
• CNC routing, milling & engraving
• Diamond, flame & buff polishing
• Line bending & shaping
• Custom vacuum forming
• Thermal drape moulding
• In-house tooling & mould making
• Prototypes and one offs to full production runs
• Machine guards
• Point of sale & display
• Acrylic cases
• Design, installation & troubleshooting service

Plastic Stockist

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