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We are experts in the manufacture and design of products for tank contents management. Our solutions are mainly for liquid storage tanks and vessels. Our tank contents management products are built to very high standards and are extremely reliable.

Our main tank contents management products include float operated tank contents gauges for mobile and static applications. Our tank contents management units include a variety of options and specifications including mechanical gauges, gauges with switches, remote gauges, remote reading gauges, hydrostatic gauges, as well as hydrostatic indicators, and level switches.

Level Measurement Equipment

We design and manufacture a wide selection of level measurement equipment built to the highest standards and offer very high rates of reliability.

  • Contents gauges for mobile tankers and aircraft refuellers
  • Direct reading tank contents gauges
  • Contents gauges with integral switches
  • Remote reading gauges
  • Contents gauges for liquified C02 storage vessels
  • Content gauges for LPG and other pressurised storage tanks
  • Liquid level transmitters
  • Capacitance level probes
  • OCIO electronic hydrostatic level measurement systems
  • Oil meters
  • Float operated gauges for environmental extremes

Our level measurement equipment includes the following products and if you have any questions, or would like more information, please contact for more details.

Transformer Gauges

We are specialists in the design and manufacture of transformer gauges and level switches that are used to monitor oil levels in transformers and conservators.

Our transformer gauges include direct reading gauges, gauges with switches, remote reading gauges, and level switches. Your transformer gauges can be custom configured to suit your needs with many different types of float options.

Rail Service Tank Level Measurement

Since the 1950s, we have supplied quality rail service tank level measurement equipment. Our rail service tank level measurement gauges and switches are used in diesel tanks, water service tank, transformers, and coolant water header tanks.

Our rail service tank level measurement equipment is used throughout Europe, Australia, South Africa, and India.

Aircraft Refueller Gauges

We are able to supply and design aircraft reseller gauges. We provide variations for fuel oils, water, and toilet waste tanks as well as high temperature versions for bitumen tanks and a variety of chemicals.

All our aircraft reseller gauges have a magnetic drive coupling through gauge body to ensure no leaks and are built to a very high standard.

Liquified Gas Gauges

We can design and manufacture liquified gas gauges and contents measurement equipment for both mobile and static uses.

We have two types of liquified gas gauges available which are:

  • Baycee range for liquified C02 and low temperature products
  • LP580 for LPG or similar uses which are stored under pressure

Both our liquified gas gauges can be supplied with micro switches for level alarm and remote heading options with optional linearised signal conditioning.

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