BC Packaging

  • Heavy duty cardboard boxes securely side stitched
  • Durable and super strong, these cardboard boxes are ideal for heavy items and export use and will not crush when stacked on pallets. Each box will fit exactly onto a standard pallet size, and will maintain a stable level load


  • Extra strong,
  • Highly crush resistant heavy duty boxes
  • Will not buckle when loaded with heavy items
  • Superior stacking performance to maximise pallet loads
  • Helps reduces costly damage
  • Ideal heavy duty boxes for shipping and export

Cardboard pallets

  • Light weight, hygienic and durable – cardboard pallets could hold up to 1500kg equally spread weight.
  • Top of the pallet could be manufactured from single layer of double wall cardboard or two layers of double wall cardboard, special requirements depends of the product specification.


  • Cardboard pallets could be delivered with pallet box attached to it (glued or stitched)
Cardboard pallets

Shelf ready packaging

  • Price efficient shelf ready packaging with up to 3 colours printout. Packaging is strictly designed to the product; we need to know your product to prepare innovative packaging.
  • Boxes are smartly designed to allow retail staff easy replenish shelf with your product and saves your money as you don’t spend money on transport boxes.
  • Simply describe your product and any of your ideas how would you like to present it, we will add our ideas and will provide required samples. For contact information please visit our “contact” section
Shelf ready packaging

Die cut boxes

  • Die-cut boxes are cut out from special designed cutting forms. Die-cut boxes are usually designed for particularly product to present it in the way as nobody else before just to impress customer.
  • For example boxes as standard pizza box are die-cut as well which allow to fold the box without using glue or tape, those boxes require specially designed cutting form which usually is paid up front as we need them to start manufacturing boxes.
Die cut boxes

Cardboard coffin

  • Cardboard coffins are fully recyclable product manufactured out of three pieces to provide highest possible strength. A cardboard coffin may be the ideal solution for use in woodland cemeteries, green burials, environmentally-friendly funerals, or for an alternative funeral where an individual request may include a painted coffin.


Cardboard coffin
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