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BCP is a leading UK systems house, specialising in Supply Chain Software Solutions for Wholesale Distributors. Our Accord product portfolio provides complete web-enabled supply chain management to help clients effectively manage their activities from the warehouse, through to the retail store point of sale. Accord is unique in providing solutions for the complete supply chain - Delivered Wholesale, Cash & Carry and Retail Distribution.

Developed by experts and totally scalable and flexible, Accord offers all the functionality necessary for successful operation in today’s multi-channel environment, including:

Wholesale Business Management - which includes Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Management, Supplier Management, Financial Control Solutions, Business Analytics, Customer and Product Maintenance.

Warehouse Management - which includes various warehouse picking capabilities, labour management features and bonded warehousing solutions. 

Accord provides seamless integration, real-time operations, true visibility and improved business intelligence across the whole operation. It empowers companies to develop a customer-centric organisation that cultivates customer loyalty and improves supply chain collaboration and business efficiency, facilitating overall growth in revenue and profitability.

Specialised versions of Accord are available for the food and drink industry. We have been a key supplier to this sector for more than three decades.

Ongoing enhancement ensures Accord remains a market leader, offering the latest technology, best practice and real competitive edge.

Wholesale Distribution Software

Accord is an innovative ERP System that has been specifically designed to help wholesale distributors increase efficiency and productivity across their supply chains, from purchasing and sales, through to finance and reporting.

Key features include:

  • Practical and time-saving Purchasing Solutions with demand forecasting capabilities
  • Sales Order Management with integrated telesales for real-time stock information
  • Financial Control System to make it easier to manage all financial aspects of your business
  • A comprehensive suite of Reporting Tools which give you access to key business performance
  • Customer Relationship Management tools to maximise customer service levels

Accord also integrates seamlessly with the Warehouse Management System (WMS) and includes a range of features and functionality to transform your business into a real-time, paperless operation. As a result, you will reduce costs, improve accuracy and maximise your customer service levels.

Wholesale Distribution Software

Cash & Carry Software

We provide a total solution for the modern Cash & Carry business and make it possible to achieve the fundamentally important objectives of security, control and fast throughput of customers, which are critical to success.

Whether you are a small independent operator or a large organisation with multiple depots, our Accord Wholesale Business  (ERP) System provides all the necessary functionality and benefits to run a successful and profitable operation, including full delivered wholesale functionality for companies which offer a delivered service alongside cash & carry.

Key features include:

  • Easy to use Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS)
  • Price &  Cash Control
  • Customer Reception
  • Central Cash Point
  • Multicurrency and Euro compliancy
  • Powerful promotional and loyalty facilities
  • Buying with advanced demand forecasting
  • Stock Control
  • Fully integrated, multicurrency financials
Cash & Carry Software

Food Distribution Software

Our Wholesale Business (ERP) System includes dedicated functionality that has been tailored for the Food and Drink Industry. The Accord Food Distribution package provides the very latest technologies for today's food and drinks wholesaler, allowing you to better manage business operations and improve profitability and service levels.

Key features include: 

  • Automatic Stock Prompts so you can ensure your stock levels are always kept to the optimum level.
  • Automatic Pick-Face Replenishing to ensure your oldest stock is always picked first and not left to go out of date, reducing both costs and unnecessary waste.
  • Compliance with Food & Drink Regulations through our Product Information Management (PIM) System
  • Scheduled Delivery Capability so you can set when you want to receive products from your suppliers and avoid receiving perishable products with short ‘best before’ dates.
  • Pick by Delivery Route to eliminate the need for multiple deliveries, reduce carbon footprint and keep your costs to a minimum.
  • Full Product Traceability With Voice and RF capability si all of your warehouse activity is time and date stamped, enabling you to easily cross-reference goods received with purchase orders, and identify any discrepancies.
  • Order Verification Processes to ensure product amounts are correct before they are placed on the trucks, space is optimised, and unsaleable returns are minimised.
  • Bonded Warehouse Functionality to ensure that the correct VAT for bonded operations is paid promptly each month.

Whether you're a Delivered, Cash & Carry or Mixed operator, an independent or symbol wholesaler and Accord will help you to improve customer service and company performance.

Food Distribution Software

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

The Accord Warehouse Management System (WMS) offers a complete solution for any organisation with warehouse operations.  Whether you’re a manufacturer, retailer, wholesale distributor or logistics specialist, Accord WMS will enable you to maximise warehouse efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer service levels.

Key features include:

  • Various Picking Capabilities
  • Labour Management 
  • Bonded Warehouse Solutions

The system is scalable to meet the needs of small to large operations and can be integrated with Voice WMS technologies to deliver real-time benefits and additional performance improvements.

Accord WMS is available as part of a complete Accord Wholesale Business System or stand-alone to interface to third-party order processing and stock systems.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Voice Directed Warehouse Management

Voice technology is available across the entire Accord Warehouse Management System (WMS), including:

  • Order Picking
  • Goods Receiving
  • Stocktaking
  • Put-Away 
  • Pick Face Replenishment.

Voice WMS enables businesses to maximise the benefits of real-time, hands-free and eyes-free interaction with the system. It generates major performance benefits, especially in terms of accuracy and productivity. Systems typically pay for themselves within a year of installation - often within six months. 

The Accord Voice modules are available as part of a full Accord Wholesale Business System, or as a stand-alone system that integrates with a third party Order Processing and Warehouse Stock Management System. 

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Voice Directed Warehouse Management

Stock Control Software

Having the right amount of stock to maintain customer service levels is critical to profitability. Too much stock ties up too much working capital and warehouse space. Under stocking, or the wrong mix, could mean failure to meet orders and lower service levels.

The Accord Stock Control module, tightly integrated with Sales and Purchase Order Management, EPoS and Warehouse Management, allows you to effectively monitor stock. As a result you can forecast demand and streamline stockholding - thereby releasing working capital and increasing overall profitability - yet maintain customer service levels.

Key features in Accord's Inventory Management software include:

  • Adaptive Demand Forecasting
  • Real Time Operation
  • Effective use of Bar Code Technology for Accurate Stock Recording
  • Stock Evaluation by FIFO, Average or Current Cost
  • Full reporting
  • Low Stock Alerts
  • Central control of remote sites either via central server or remote download
Stock Control Software

Retail System

Accord provides a proven retail management solution that delivers significant business advantage in today’s demanding retail environment. With a depth and breadth of functionality based upon a modern scalable technology architecture, Accord helps retailers deliver high levels of customer service, whilst maximising profitability and typically delivers a return on investment of 12 - 18 months.

Accord is suitable for a broad range of retailing formats - from specialist independent chains to large, multi-site operations - and provides full store functionality - Point of Sale (EPoS), Back Office, Head Office, Cash Office - plus Warehousing and Distribution.

A specialist version of Accord Retailer is available for the food and drink sector where we are a market leader.

Retail System

Epos software solutions

Part of BCP’s full Accord retail software system, Accord - PoS is sophisticated, yet easy to use.  It has been designed to provide fast, reliable, resilient processing, ensuring customer service and store efficiency are optimised.  It provides the full range of point of sale functionality necessary for successful retailing, including integrated EFTPoS, multicurrency and comprehensive in-store promotion control.

Customers benefit from fast, trouble-free transactions and short queues, sales assistants find the familiar Windows look and feel easy to adopt, while managers have access to detailed till data to help run the business effectively.

Easily tailored to meet the particular needs of individual retail operations, Accord - PoS links automatically to Accord‘s - Back Office and  Retail Head Office for full store management, where required.

Epos software solutions


Oporteo is a scalable and agile B2B ecommerce platform specially designed to give wholesale distributors and foodservice businesses a packaged and cost effective ecommerce solution. It encompasses industry functionality and a user friendly interface to give customers a streamlined and responsive experience.



BCP clients include SPAR, Musgrave, BWG, Pedigree Wholesale, Nisa Todays  and Pets at Home. 

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