BDI Cooling Solutions


BDI Cooling offer Hydronic Modules to suit a wide variety of applications, from simple pump skids to full thermal control systems.

Our systems use a standardised modular design, allowing a totally bespoke system with limited lead time and minimal costs. As standard, our systems feature Stainless Steel pipework, a galvanized base frame, run/standby pumps and optional integrated control systems.

Modules can be built to suit any requirements, and can include heat exchangers, air separators, strainers (including the unique Hellan Strainer:, dosing pots, and pressurisation units.

Systems are designed for ease of maintenance, with pumps and strainers serviceable without taking the full module offline. 

Dry Air & Adiabatic Coolers

Dry Air and Adiabatic Coolers play an important role in the removal of surplus heat generated from power stations, chemical plants, commercial air conditioning units, and manufacturing processing plants.

Available in multiple configurations to suit most footprints. Low noise EC fans available. Capable of adding free cooling to systems. The adiabatic options allow a lower temperature process at high ambient conditions. UV kit is included as standard for water treatment

Air & Water Cooled Chillers

Packaged, refrigerated Air & Water Cooled Chillers provide cooling all year round. Our low ambient and tropicalised options ensure performance even in extreme conditions. Air cooled units are available from 2kW to 1200kW with fully enclosed hydronic modules.

Available options include: BMS integration, internal process bypass, protective coil coatings, and centrifugal fans for ducted installation.

The option of an external plate or shell and tube heat exchanger allows the chillers a wide operating temperature range.

Where required, we can offer a full range of liquid cooled chillers to take advantage of existing coolant circuits, or install a remote dry air cooler to serve the equipment.

Glycol Antifreeze

Ethylene or Propylene Glycol is designed for use in industrial systems. It contains synergistic inhibitors to protect chillers and their associated cooling system against corrosion, scale and algae, thus allowing maximum heat transfer.

IGE: Ethylene Glycol (Industrial Grade Ethylene) is supplied as standard dyed red and NTP: Propylene Glycol (Food Grade Propylene) is dyed blue for identification purposes. Alternative colours are available on request. A very strong taste additive can also be added – both act as 'leak indicators'.

Fluids should be diluted with demineralised, softened or good quality potable water. For exact proportions to achieve the desired frost protection please refer to the Technical Application sheet.

Packed in 25L, 205L UN drums and 1000L IBC's.

20 tonnes+ in stock for despatch within hours if required.

In addition we offer a Fluid Maintenance Program which is a complimentary testing service for all users of our specialist fluids. Visuals are provided for site engineers to take periodic samples and then send to the laboratory for testing. Customers are then presented with a FMP Report which confirms the analysis results and provides recommendations of what actions might be required.

Evaporative Cooling Towers

Evaporative Cooling Towers are available in a variety of configurations to suit site requirements. Open cooling towers are a cost effective solution for cooling industrial process water. Closed circuit systems maintain the cleanliness of process fluid ensuring it remains free from contamination. The wide range of configurations means that systems can suite a large range of footprint and installation requirements.

Spray Troughs

Spray Troughs are designed for metal heat treatment using a high-intensity spray that cools tube and profile extrusions. They offer rapid cooling and occupy less space than a large immersion tank.

BDI Spray Troughs are available in bespoke sizes to suit a wide range of applications and are manufactured in a variety of materials such as Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass and Alloy. Other surfaces are painted for corrosion resistance.

Optional recirculation and heat exchanger packages are available to increase recirculating filtration as well as cooling efficiency. Further reductions of maintenance can also be achieved with a filter system for optional process pumps.

Heat Recovery and Free Cooling

Heat Recovery Systems and Free Cooling is a valuable way to reuse otherwise "dumped" energy to reduce overall running costs.

Waste heat from a process can be used to reduce a sites heating requirements, either for another process, or for general heating and hot water by the use of an additional heat exchanger on the main cooling circuit. This has the dual advantage of reducing heating costs, and those of the cooling system, as the cooling duty is at least partially served by the heat recovery system.

Free cooling is achieved by the addition of a dry air cooler into a chiller's process cooling circuit, using ambient air to provide some or all of the system's cooling duty when temperatures are low enough. The type of system has the advantage of reduced running costs with no reduction in operational capacity.

Control Systems with BMS Integration

The control panel in many ways is the focal point of any system. It can turn a simple pump set into an intelligent part of a greater system. The power of a bespoke, in-house, control system is that it is tailor made to suit the process it is controlling. Modular drive and processing units combine with powerful control software to allow precise, reliable regulation of equipment. 
Temperature and pressure sensors provide information for process control, indication and alarm output and inverter drive technology is available for precise control and energy efficient operation. 

Emergency Cooling Systems

Systems such as furnaces, autoclaves and metalworking processes often risk damage in the event of emergency shutdown or power failure due to the high temperatures involved. An emergency cooling system integrated within the main cooling water process can mitigate for this.

A number of solutions are available that can be integrated into the majority of our systems. Where temporary cooling is required in the event of a power failure an air powered diaphragm pump included as part of the main pump set is capable of providing emergency flow through process equipment and dry air coolers in order to facilitate a safe cool down of the equipment. 

In situations where cooling must be maintained in the event of a system failure, a mains water bypass can be incorporated to maximise system uptime until normal cooling can be restored. For planned outages, or medium to long term management of emergency cooling, hire systems are available at short notice, including pump sets and packaged water chillers suitable for demanding environments.

Temperature Control Units

BDI Cooling offer simple and effective temperature regulation to suit your application needs. Both our Oil and Pressurised Heaters provide reliable temperature control at various heating capacities.

Units can be built to order or tailor made to suit any process application including:

  • Oil: Standard operation of 38 °C to 288 °C
  • Pressurised: Standard operation of 0 °C to 112 °C
  • Direct injection water and oil units
  • Communication to Modbus, SPI and more.

BDI Cooling aid manufacturers in the plastics, food, rubber and chemical industries to maintain consistent temperatures and maximum productivity. 

Furthermore, the BDI-Temp features the ‘Advanced’ and ‘M2B+’ controller which provides intelligent process analysis and enhanced process quality control.


BDI Cooling can supply a wide range of Ancillaries including pumps, strainers, expansion tanks, flow meters and pressurisation units.

We are also able to supply the full range of equipment from Denco Lubrication, Hellan Strainer, Farval and provide a full range of spares for all Bijur Delimon International equipment. Visit to find out more.

Alternatively please contact a member of our sales team on +44 (0)1432 365 000 or email:

Service & Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance is essential for all plant. BDI Cooling Solutions offer tailored maintenance packages to suit your equipment, ensuring cost effective operation, maximising system life expectancy and minimising unplanned downtime. Contracts are available covering 1 day visits to full plant facility management. Full records are provided on the completion of each visit by our highly skilled engineers.

All works will be carried out within our ISO 9001 accreditation and to the highest standards of health and safety as shown below:

  • Employers' Liability Insurance to £10m, Public and Product Liability to £5m
  • In house Safety Advisors qualified to NEBOSH and IOSH standards
  • Qualified Welders to ASME IX and BS EN287-1
  • Client Contractors National Safety Group - CCNSG
  • MEWP operator trained
  • PASMA trained for mobile scaffolding
  • Asbestos removal & risk management for CAF gaskets
  • Confined Space trained
  • Safe Contractor Accreditation
  • Pacific Industrial Contractor Screening - PICS.


Total Plant Hire

BDI Cooling offer short and long term rentals for process cooling, air conditioning, heaters, pump set and boiler units to suit a variety of applications.

Chiller Hire

Our energy efficient hire chillers are suitable for a wide variety of environments and varied applications including air conditioning and process cooling. Our hire fleet are available at 5kW, 10kW, 20kW, 50kW, 100kW, 160kW, 260kW, 320kW and 550kW.

Units are available with a wide variety of cooling ranges including -12°C. Chillers can be connected to existing pipe work via various lengths of highly durable flexible hose or for air conditioning the chillers can be linked into various air handling units and highly efficient fan coils.

Equipment hire can be an extremely convenient and cost effective option for clients in need of temporary or emergency solutions. Typical examples are:

  • Disaster recovery
  • Planned maintenance
  • Factories and process cooling
  • Events and marquees
  • Hotels and spas
  • Temporary ice rinks
  • Server room cooling
  • Call centres and data centres
  • Hospitals
  • Occupied refurbishment
  • Temperative controlled storage.

Complete Design Solutions

At BDI Cooling we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the complete engineered design solution.

Using the latest CAD technology our innovative design team work together to bring your specifications to life. Through the use of technical drawings and 3D modelling our designers ensure all specifications are met with precision without ever compromising the systems efficiency or the manufacturing process.

With over 40 years commercial experience our dedicated team can cater for any set up requirements and will guide you every step of the way from concept through to completion. 


All BDI Cooling projects are available with total turnkey installation.

Pipework specification is supplied in a wide variety of materials including Stainless and Carbon Steels, Copper and ABS. We are able to take care of siting equipment, pipework, electrical installation and commissioning. Major installation contracts are carried out in all industries including steel works, power stations, cement works, paper mills, automotive, etc.

We can also supply engineers to oversee systems installation and commissioning outside the United Kingdom, where local fitters are used.

Installations are carried out with the following capabilities:

  • Employers' Liability Insurance to £10m, Public and Product Liability to £5m
  • In house Safety Advisors qualified to NEBOSH and IOSH standards
  • Qualified Welders to ASME IX and BS EN287-1
  • Client Contractors National Safety Group - CCNSG
  • MEWP operator trained
  • PASMA trained for mobile scaffolding
  • Asbestos removal & risk management for CAF gaskets
  • Confined Space trained
  • Safe Contractor Accreditation
  • Pacific Industrial Contractor Screening - PICS.

System Reviews

Optimising the cooling water systems in your industrial facilities will bring numerous benefits such as a reduction in costs, risks and environmental impact without compromising availability.

BDI Cooling can provide an accurate picture of your system's current situation, operational procedures and processes. We can provide objective insights into daily operations, performance and environmental effects, to help you identify optimisation options and provide valuable input for investment decisions moving forward.

To gauge your current situation and implement improvements we can support you in:

  • Monitoring and evaluating operational processes
  • Calculating system energy usage and savings.

Plant Reviews

With the constant changing requirements of modern industry, plant that was initially optimal can easily become ineffective, or inefficient.

BDI Cooling can offer an objective, impartial review of your plant to identify key optimisation points and improvements. Improvements can include, but are by no means limited to: reuse of waste energy through heat recovery, reduction of energy usage through free cooling, improvement of performance and increasing cooling duties.

Our experienced consultants can provide:

  • A detailed report based on an in depth site visit detailing improvements
  • On site consultation and guidance on plant optimisation.

After Sales Report

All systems require regular scheduled maintenance, and even the highest quality systems will occasionally experience faults. BDI Cooling offer a comprehensive after sales support service for all the equipment we supply. Any time after installation, our service team's engineers are available to provide both long distance support and, where required, on site services to ensure the best performance and minimise downtime on your plant and systems. When combined with our service and maintenance packages, our after sales support becomes a powerful tool at your disposal.

Our team are available to provide the following:

  • On site diagnosis and repair
  • Technical support for on-site technicians and engineers
  • Remote support for networked "smart systems"
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