Beakbane Ltd


Beakbane have been specialists in the design, manufacture and supply of machinery protection products for 50 years.

The company is registered to ISO 9001:2008.

Amongst our product ranges which are mainly custom designed to solves our customer's protection needs are:


* Sewn protection bellows
* Moulded rubber and polyurethane bellows
* Autoclaved rubber & silicone bellows
* Flexible connectors/hopper chutes
* Vacuum formed polyurethane mouldings
* Expansion Joints
* Linear rail concertina covers
* Blinds

Steel Covers

 Beakbane Telescopic Slideway Covers are designed to protect machine tool slideways and are precision-built for optimum efficiency. Over the last four decades, Beakbane has developed and refined its design know-how and understanding of the requirements of machine tool builders to the point where it is an acknowledged international leader in its field.

The protection of machine tool slideways is essential if machine tool accuracy is to be maintained, down time reduced, and associated maintenance costs avoided


High technology composites components are used extensively in many industries for their impact resistance, high strength and weight saving properties. They are currently used in the manufacture of Passenger Buses, Passenger Taxis, Armoured Vehicles, Defence applications, Motorsport and the majority of the Major European Automotive manufacturers for body panels and protection plates.

Beakbane offers composite components in sizes up to 3m by 2m. With its in-house design capabilities, Beakbane can produce custom-made components for any application where lightweight needs to be combined with durability and impact resistance.

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