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Here at Beard and Fitch, we are professional gear manufacturers with the capacity to produce spur gears from 5 mm up to 1,220 mm in diameter and from 0.254 to 12.7 module (100 to 2 DP). As specialist gear manufacturers, we welcome orders from a 1 off to 1,000s off gears. We put the same degree of care in to the manufacture of every gear we produce.

Spur Gears

We manufacture spur gears as the most simple parallel-axis gear. Our high quality spur gears are manufactured by gear hobbing or gear shaping, although numerous other processes can be used. We provide finishes including cut, shaved or gear tooth profile grinding.

Helical Gears

Our specialist helical gears feature involute teeth, cut at an angle to the face of the gear. Our advanced helical gears have a great advantage over spur gears in operation as they generally run more smoothly, more quietly, and with less vibration.


We have impressive manufacturing facilities enabling us to produce first-class sprockets and transmission gears for a extensive selection of industrial applications. The gears we manufacturer include spur gears, helical gears, sprockets, rack and pinion, worm shaft, and pulleys.

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Gear Manufacturers UK

We are specialists in manufacturing transmission gears working in a variety of industries. We supply gears not only for the UK transmission market, but also to companies across the world

Sprocket Manufacturers

All parts are manufacturered based on customers' requirements. Just send in your enquiries to for more details about our capacity visit our website

Bespoken Gears

Our Gear Manufacturing pedigree stretches back before 1851 when two separate engineering firms merged to form our company. A great deal has changed in the world since that time but one constant has been our commitment to producing quality products that are truly great value for money

Gear Cutting Services

We have over 80 machine tools and thousands of bespoke Gear cutting & Gear Grinding tools. Our production team is dedicated and committed to producing quality products. All at your disposal as a client of Beard and Fitch Ltd.

Gear Manufacturers | Our capacity

Please visit our website to view our capacity chart.

To find out what we could do for you send us drawings of your transmission gears and we will quote you. It will cost you nothing but potentially save you a great deal.

Gear Manufacturers | Rack & Pinion

We also manufacturer Rack & Pinion gears. To view our gear manufacturing cpacity please visit the website.

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