We offer a huge range of bearing products including self lube, cylindrical, popular metric and tapered bearings. These are merely a fraction of our complete bearing variety. We supply bearings as sealed, shielded or open. Generally sealed and shielded types are ideal for protection against dust and dirt. Furthermore, they allow the greases to stay contained within the bearing.

We stock a wide range of spherical roller bearings. Two rows of rollers make the bearing the perfect design for managing high radial loads, even when misalignment, extreme speeds or a combination of stresses are present.


Our Loctite range consists of thread lockers, retaining compounds, adhesives and activators. Supplied in a variety of sizes ranging from 10ml, 50ml, 150ml, 250ml. Loctite 222 thread locker with its low strength is the ideal product for adjusting screws. In contrast, Loctite 270 is a high strength thread locker making this perfect for locking screws allowing no movement. We also supply Loctite gasket products, ideal for use on rigid metal parts found on pump housings or cast iron compounds.

Also available is Loctite thread sealant suitable for coarse metal threads, ideal where slow cure is required, once again a range of sizes are available from stock.


Vee Belts

Our range of belts consists of standard Vee belts, kevlar Vee belts, Synchroflex and HTD timing belts, wedge belts, nutlink belting and an increasing range of mower belts. We stock all standard widths and a variety of lengths.

Vee belts are now known to be the basic belt for power transmission. They provide the best combination of traction, speed of movement, load of the bearings and lastly, maintain a long service life.

Timing belts, Synchroflex and HTD type belts have teeth that fit into a matching toothed pulley. When correctly tensioned, they have no slippage, run at constant speed and are often used to transfer direct motion for indexing or timing purposes.

Vee Belts

HRC Couplings

We supply a variety of HRC couplings. HRC couplings consist of two halves with a star-shaped rubber unit in the centre. This is an excellent all-round coupling. HRC couplings require no lubrication and are virtually maintenance free making them suitable for most environments and industries.

HRC couplings are easy to use and are supplied bored for taper lock bushes or pilot bored if you require a specific non-standard bore size. The half bodies are available in three different styles: F type where the taper lock bush fits from the inside, H type where the taper lock bush fits from the outside, and lastly the B type which is pilot bored ready to be machined to the required bore.

HRC Couplings

Timing Pulleys

We supply an extensive range of Timing pulley’s HTD, MXL, L and H sections. Timing pulleys offer high performance, easy installation, low maintenance and are used in across a variety of industries.

We also stock V Belt pulleys. Standard V-belt pulleys have one or more grooves and are designed for general-purpose applications. At Bearing Shop UK, we supply a variety of widths and grooves, and can offer either taper lock V pulleys or pilot bored types.

Timing Pulleys

Bearing Distribution Company

Here at the Bearing Shop UK, we are part of a massive distribution company who have been trading for over two decades. Our product range is so big that at the Bearing Shop UK we can supply you with virtually any item that you are after from:

  • Bearings
  • Key steel
  • Pulleys
  • Oils and greases
  • Seals
  • Tools
  • Wheel rearings
  • O rings
  • Belts
  • Fixings and fastenings
Our main aim here at Bearing Shop UK is to get these goods to you quickly so that you can get your machines up and running in no time at all.
Bearing Distribution Company

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