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We are an industry leading manufacturer with 35 years experience in supplying moulded plastic components. We provide our quality plastic moulding services to a diversity of international companies across a range of industry sectors.

At our base in Hampshire, our plastic moulding facilities include an innovative array of CNC controlled plastic injection moulding machines. For specialist insert mouldings and filters manufacture, we also have a range of upright models.


We are incredibly proud of our British manufacturing background and are committed to providing our customers with high quality services and unbiased, commercial range beneficial to purchasing managers, inventors and product designers.

Our tooling professionals undertake work using computer-aided software and CNC digital codes to utilise tooling directly from your concept design. Any issues with the potential to arise are resolved before manufacture. Our fully equipped tool room provides a range of quality tooling services including designing, repairing and prototyping.



To meet the demands of bespoke filters, we built another factory 15 years ago to accommodate upright plastic injection moulding machines. This equipment has allowed us to manufacture high quality plastic filter housings and plastic filters. We have worked closely with companies in a range of sectors to develop filtration items from concept design to large volume manufacture.

Our filter materials including mesh are produced using polyester, Nylon and stainless steel. We have a range of on-site facilities including cut and press facilities enabling us to produce flexible filter prototypes. We also have a range of high-spec and graded materials available for a variety of applications.


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