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Our company's founder altered his hobby of beekeeping to a commercial setting and set up a venture of production, processing and manufacturing of bee culture by-products. He was the first beekeeper to use and introduce raw Propolis and types of pollen to the UK. Bee products have continued to be an essential part of our product range.

Our bee products have grown since then and we have bloomed to include a variety of other health food supplements and organic whole medical herbs. Our range now includes joint mobility formulae, colloidal minerals, enzymes and coenzymes as well as producing Beewell mobility products for your pets.

We are a professional wholesaler, trader and practitioner who are available to help you with any requirements and are available to give a free, no obligation quotation.

We have a selection for encapsulating machines and tablet pressers with a range of ancillary equipment for manufacturing high volume and high quality goods. We are professionally registered with all health authorities and manufacture to GMP and organic licensed standards.

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Become a stockist of Beewell and supply a range of organic and outstanding well-being products. If you become a stockist, we can offer you a wealth of different and life-affirming products. 

Our vitamin and mineral supplements includes our multi-vitamins containing 10 minerals and 13 vitamins in one capsule. Our other supplements include calcium, zinc and calcium pantothenate.

We also provide a selection of essential oils ranging from cod liver oil to flax seed oil. Our capsules of fish oil provide 35 percent of Omega 3 and helps maintain a healthy heart and circulation.

We also offer healing clay products to be used as an external cleanser in the form of a face mask or poultice. Put the clay in a bowl add enough water to cover and after 30 minutes the poultice is ready to be scooped up into cloth and used on the affected area.

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Products A - Z

Our products A - Z offer a comprehensive selection of organic and bee enhanced products to bring you natural well-being and health. They can have healing effects and enhance or change your lifestyle in a variety of ways.

Our products A - Z include our selection of raw Propolis and wild flower pollen available in capsules, granules, tablets or liquid form. Our capsules are available in gelatine or vegetable shells in a range of batch sizes. We provide enteric coating of tablets and packing, bottling, blistering and labelling as required.

Our certified organic products include capsules of garlic, ginseng, barley grass, bilberry, ginger, dandelion, hawthorn, nettle, maca, and tumeric.

We also supply a range of sport supplements including pure D-Ribose to support cellular energy and optimises heart energy. Pure Creatine Monohydrate is also available and is clinically proven to improve athletic performance.

Our lifestyle supplements includes red yeast rice, antioxidant formulae and grapefruit pectin fibre. Our acerola extract and rosehip provides an excellent source of natural vitamin C and our grass juice is of the highest quality to promote overall health and vitality.

Products A - Z

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