BeepXtra 4 U


Beepxtra is a combination of many existing great concepts but merged together into a powerful Global wave. The first and most easily identifiable concept is the CLOUD BASED discount & loyalty system, with a few distinct differences. Whereas we are all familiar with shopping points and loyalty systems, The Beepxtra system gives clients instantly spendable CASHBACKs loaded onto THEIR cards. Beepxtra is at the forefront of technology around The World and has a full time team of technical programmers who are all at the very height of their profession.

All businesses working with Beepxtra will be found by customers that are actually looking for what their business offers.

Beepxtra has a CUSTOMIZED search service that is global or local to suit the purchaser's requirements at each precise moment in time.

ONLINE TRADITIONAL SEARCH ENGINES WHERE USERS SEARCH FOR ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING IMAGINABLE SUCH AS "WHICH SCHOOL HAVE THE BEST RESULTS", Beepxtra has a geographically targeted product search facility. If a Beepxtra client has a smart phone and they search whilst walking, where the nearest product or business is and they wish to be taken there, the Beepxtra system will convert to GPS mapping to literally walk customers through business owner's doors.

Businesses will therefore be found by our millions of customers who are actually looking for what each business offers.

From start to finish Beepxtra is a targeted local and global product and services search service, this with great discounts is what we offer and it is very powerful for business owners, and it's Free!

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