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Bell Flow Systems are a UK based importer, stockist and manufacturer of flow meters, instrumentation, fuel and oil dispensing equipment and heating equipment.

Covering virtually every aspect of flow measurement and control we can provide solutions suitable for most flow applications in any conceivable industry sector. We supply a range of water meters, gas meters, oil meters, heat meters as well as a comprehensive selection of fuel meters, pumps and fuel management systems.

Our solutions are cost effective and bring you real measurable benefits and quantifiable gains in terms of price and specification. We also have OEM and reseller packages and discounts by arrangement.

We provide a next working day delivery service on stock items ordered up until 4pm.

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Water Meters

Single-jet, multi-jet, Woltmann helix, irrigation and nutating disc, we stock a variety of different water meter styles based on proven principals suitable for industrial and domestic water measurement applications.

The majority of our water meters including our new VuAqua range, are WRAS approved and have an optional pulse output facility for remote meter reading.

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Gas Meters

We have a range of diaphragm, turbine, rotary and quantometers gas meters suitable for domestic applications, secondary billing, bulk gas metering and industrial gas monitoring.

We also have different models for natural gas, oxygen, nitrogen, LPG, bio-gas and also options for hazardous areas.

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Heat Meters

We offer a selection of MID approved heat meters designed to meet the needs of measurement in heating, hot water, cooling and chilled water applications including models suitable for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

We can provide single-jet and multi-jet heat meters and our new VuHeat range has ultrasonic models which provide obstruction free measurement. We also have heat metering kits for various pipe sizes and heat integrators. 

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Oil Meters

We have a large selection of oil meters suitable for the measurement of oil of varying viscosities, flow rates, pressures and temperatures including heating oil, lube oil, fuel oil, grease and hydraulic oil amongst others.

We are a UK distributor for Macnaught renowned for their MX-Series of oval gear flow meters with interchangeable pulse and displays.

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Steam Meters

We stock vortex meters that are suitable for saturated and super-heated steam applications.

Our steam meters are manufactured in stainless steel and available as wafer design or with flanged bodies, we also have models with integral temperature and pressure probes and versions suitable for RHI.

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Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Our range of clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters simply clamp on to the outside of the pipe and do not make contact with the internal fluid, ideal for applications where system shut down is not feasible.

We have a range of fixed and portable ultrasonic flow meters with transit time or doppler technologies. With no moving parts, clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters require minimal maintenance.

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Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Mag meters provide obstruction free flow measurement and so are suitable for all conductive liquids including: water, chemicals, food stuffs, acids, pharmaceuticals and slurries.

We provide a range of magnetic flow meters available with a choice of liner materials, outputs, connections and displays for safe and hazardous areas.

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Coriolis Flow Meters

Coriolis flow meters can measure multiple process variables from one sensor, including; mass flow, volume flow, temperature, density and pressure and provide outstanding accuracy and repeatability.

We stock a range of high performance coriolis flow measurement devices available in a choice of design technologies.

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Fuel Transfer Meters

We stock a range of fuel meters, pumps and fuel management systems suitable for petrol, diesel, lubricant and AdBlue, enabling you to take control of your fuel management.

We are the UK distrubutor for Gespasa, a leading manufacturer of fuel pumps, filters and transfer products. 

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We have a comprehensive selection of flow displays, flow rate totalisers, batch controllers and dataloggers including those with Wifi, GSM, MBus, radio and USB options.

Our Cortex range of digital displays benefit from the ability to add software so you only need to purchase what you require. 

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Flow Meter Hire

We have the UK’s largest fleet of flow meters to hire.

Whether you can’t justify a permanent flow meter installation, need a one-off flow measurement or just want to try before you buy we can help.

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Flow Meter Calibration

We offer low cost flexible calibration services for flow meters of many measuring principles and sizes.

Our UKAS traceable calibration facility consists of three calibration rigs for water, oil and micro flow and can test flow meters between ¼” and 4” in size and can handle flow rates from 0.001 litres up to 1000 litres per minute.

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