Here at Widespread Solutions Ltd, we have been designing and manufacturing air filtration systems and fume extraction equipment for over 20 years. Our team is consistently investing time in research and development to deliver the very best air quality solutions to a wide range of end users and industrial sectors.

Our innovative fume extraction equipment and solutions are suitable for use in a variety of industry sectors including beauty, laboratories, graphics, education, industrial, and electrical.

Air Filtration Systems

Since 1985, we have been an independent UK manufacturer specialising in the control and removal of contaminated air to provide a cleaner, healthier working environment. Our air filtration systems meet guidelines set by health and safety organizations and COSHH in respect of occupational exposure limits, ensuring operator protection from airborne particulates in the form of gases, fine dusts, and fumes from a wide variety of substances.

We are constantly working to ensure we remain one of the UKs leading suppliers of high quality air filtration systems and fume extraction equipment. We provide air filtration and extraction solutions for many applications in different working environments.

LEV Testing

We understand local exhaust ventilation or LEV testing is an essential part of the COSHH requirements. Being able to demonstrate adequate control of the risks to the health of employees from dusts, mists, fumes and vapours, is the fundamental requirement of the control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH) regulations. We provide LEV testing solutions to ensure current regulations are maintained in an efficient state, efficient working order, and in good repair.

Tanning Mist Extraction Units

We provide professional tanning mist extraction units for use wherever acrylic nails and tanning sprays are used to reduce the risk of harmful levels of inhalation. Our tanning mist extraction units reduce risks from filing dust and fumes from varnishes, removers and quick dry sprays. We provide a host of solutions to make tanning booths and nail bars safer.


Air Filtration Manufacture

We provide air filtration manufacture and design so we can service even the most demanding of industries. If we don't have a unit to suit your needs, we will provide air filtration manufacture and will work with you to develop a bespoke product that does.

Laboratory Applications

Our TechFlo range of laboratory applications and benchtop units have been developed to aid the activities of a busy laboratory. Our laboratory applications are particularly useful in situations where the process being performed is of a type that it is not necessary to tie up space in a full size fume cupboard.

TechFlo filtration and extraction cabinets offer high standards of operator protection, durability, high versatility, and high flexibility in filtering and extracting gases, fumes, vapours and fine powders and compounds of low toxicity. 


We provide education to meet the ever increasing health and safety legislation and the need to conform to COSHH regulations. It is essential classroom staff and pupils are protected whilst performing tasks as part of their project work. Education technicians especially are exposed to potentially harmful air borne contaminants such as aerosol adhesives, aerosol paints, lacquers, resins, fixatives, airbrush sprays and solder fumes to name a few. By using a GraphicAir or TechFlo cabinet, you are sure exposure levels to all these are below the recommended levels and in some cases almost eliminated.

Industry and Electronic Applications

We provide innovative industry and electronic applications to provide high standards of operator protection, durability, high versatility, and high flexibility in filtering and extracting gases, fumes, vapours and fine powders. Our industrial and electronic applications provide at source filtration of potentially harmful pollutants is essential during an employee's general daily work processes.

We provide a fantastic assortment of sizes, suitable for most applications. Our enclosures are in the form of powder coated steel hood enclosures or of clear shields and containment hoods providing maximum visibility.

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