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for Ceramics, Carbides, Metals, Alloys, Control Cable, Conduit and Wire Rope

BENETEC specializes in the design and manufacture of Abrasive and Diamond Cutting Machines, using high speed abrasive cutting wheels, for a variety of applications involving the cutting of ceramics, hard metals and alloys in the form of bar, tube, cable, conduit and wire rope. The technology has significant advantages as compared with sawing techniques and is applied to the cutting of more advanced materials which cannot be cut satisfactorily by conventional methods. It is a particularly useful technique for cutting materials without distortion and for producing cut surfaces with minimum burr. Cutting times are generally much faster than with sawing.

The Company manufactures a wide range of machines, from a series of relatively simple manual machines for workshop use to fully automatic systems with magazine loaders and bar feeders for production cutting. Bennett technology is to be found in industrial cutting applications throughout industry in the UK, Continental Europe and North America.

For 25 years we have produced high quality machines with proven economic benefits to our customers.


Abrasive Cutting, for production of parts, is the method of choice if:

  • A High Quality Cut Surface with minimal burr is required.
  • Thin Walled Tube e.g. Stainless steel is to be cut without distortion.
  • Small Diameter Bar and Tube Material cannot be cut by conventional sawing

methods, e.g. Carbides, Hard Steels, Inconel, Ceramics.

  • Sheets of Composite Materials, Refractory Metals etc. need to be cut accurately

to size

  • Wire, Cable or Conduit needs to be cut cleanly with a smear free face to accept a termination


1. Aerospace Industry
Aerospace Materials – Cutting Stainless Steel, Inconel, Titanium bars. Cutting thin wall Tubing without distortion Cutting Composite Sheet and Tube for test & production,fsteners made from Inconel, Titanium Bar etc. Trimming Bent tubes

2. Automobile Industry
Control Cables, outer casing & inner wire, Cutting Case Hardened Parts, Cutting Rubber/ Metal extrusions for doors & windows Producing Tungsten discs for contacts

3. Magnet Manufacturing
Cutting Alnico, Cermag, Ferrite, Alconax etc

4. Hypodermic Needles and medical tubing
Bundles cut to length with minimal burr and distortion

5. Temperature & Pressure Sensor
Stainless Steel Sheaths cut to length without distortion Cutting Mineral Insulated material

6. Carbide Tool Industry
Cutting 12in Carbide rods to length, manual & automatic systems

7. Lighting Industries
Cutting tungsten & molybdenum bar, sometimes glass beaded

8. Linear Bars
Case hardened bar cut accurately with high quality finish

9. Flexible/non-flesible
Handling flexible hose in the relaxed state to reliable cut length for Gas Industry, Electricity, Telephone Industry etc.

10. Injection Moulding
Producing ejection pins

11. Cryotechnology
Cutting thin walled stainless tube for Dewar fabrication & Cryo Tubing

12. Heat Treatment Shops
QC for hardening process

13. Dental
Cutting Stellite bars & other dental materials for dental work

14. Miscellaneous
A Golf Club Stems Cutting cleanly to length
B Pneumatic Cylinders Custom cutting to length
C Transformer Industry Sectioning Cores for QC
D Fabrication of Locks Cutting parallel sections for precision lock assembly 



The variety of cutting machines covers the range from manually operated workshop machines to fully automatic systems with magazine loader and automatic feed. Labcut Series of manually operated machines Powercut Series of:

3000 Series Microfine Cutting Machines for bar or tube 250mm/10in cutting wheel Configurations: semi-automatic, automatic and fully automatic.

3600 Series Minifine Heavy Duty Cutting Machines for bar and tube 300/12in cutting wheel. Configurations: semi-auto, automatic and fully automatic.

5000 Series Plate (Bridge) Saw for cutting Composites & other sheet Material. Manual loading, special designs with programmable worktable.

6000 Series A range of machines for cutting Automobile Control Cable, Flexible Conduit Standard and Heavy duty machines with end stop and encoder length measuring systems.

6500 Series Cut and Weld machines for cutting stranded wire rope. Used in many industries but particularly the car industry for control cable assemblies.

Abrasive cutting does not compete with conventional saws such as band saws or circular/cold saws, but tackles the cutting of more difficult materials and fabrications, giving a high quality finish with minimum burr.

Benetec specializes in the manufacture and supply of a range of specialized abrasive cutting machines with abrasive cutting wheel sizes up to 18 in/450 mm in diameter.

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