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Bennetts have a team of highly qualified personnel able to offer modern, reliable cranes at competitive prices.

We offer a full and extensive range of tower cranes including luffing jib cranes, small or large saddle jib cranes and self-erecting cranes.

We select cranes from a number of leading manufacturers enabling our sales team to suggest an appropriate lifting solution for individual site and customer requirements.

Continuous investment in our products and people ensures we stay abreast of new lifting technology, legislation and health and safety best practice.

Hire List - Luffing Jib Cranes

Luffing jib cranes offer several benefits:

Firstly, they can work with their jibs raised for the construction of very tall buildings thus reducing the mast height required for the crane to clear the building. Also, several cranes can be placed close to each other to maximise 'hook time' for sites with large volumes of lifting work. Additionally, the short in and out of service radius offered by a luffer enables many sites with limited space and over-sailing problems to have a tower crane on site for the duration of the project.

We have a range of approximately 45 luffing jib cranes from 5 manufacturers enabling us to offer a variety of benefits to meet the needs of a particular site e.g. a mast size that will fit into a lift shaft, a very small out of service radius to avoid over-sailing.

Luffers suitable for house building include the Jost 68.4 (lifting 1.5T at 40m), the Jost 108.6 (lifting 1.6T at 45m) and the Terex Peiner SN86 (lifting 1.8T at 40m). Larger luffers include the Terex Peiner SN166 (lifting 3T at 55m), the Jost JL216.16 (lifting 3T at 55m), the Liebherr 224HC-L (lifting 2.3T at 60m) and the Jost JL316.16 (lifting 4T at 60m).

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Hire List - Luffing Jib Cranes

Hire List - Saddle Jib Cranes

Saddle jib cranes are available in a wide range of height and jib configurations making them extremely versatile for the majority of building projects. They can be supplied on three types of base, ballasted, fixing angles or rail travelling to suit site requirements. Larger saddle jib cranes are always operated from the cab whilst smaller saddle jib cranes can be either cab or pedestrian controlled. Saddle jib or top slewing cranes and require less space at ground level than a self erecting crane.

We have a range of approximately 50 saddle jib cranes from 6 manufacturers enabling us to provide a crane with the required lift capacity, jib length, height and base type to meet individual site requirements.

Our saddle jib cranes range from the Raimondi MR39+3 (lifting 1T at 39.8m) and the Potain MC68B (lifting 1T at 45m) to the Potain MDT178 (lifting 1.5T at 60m) and the Jost JT312 (lifting 1.8T at 80m).

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Hire List - Saddle Jib Cranes

Hire List - Self Erecting Cranes

Self erecting cranes offer simple and fast erection on sites where access is good allowing the crane to be driven into position. They are cheaper to transport than conventional tower cranes and can therefore, be moved to a new position when being used on a large house building site. The lower transport and erection costs make them ideal for smaller, shorter building projects. One or more site employees can be trained to operate the self erecting crane making workers more flexible and ensuring sites can easily cover operator holiday and sickness absence.

We offer a limited number of self erecting cranes from the Potain range including the Potain IGO 50 (lifting 1.1T at 50m).

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Hire List - Self Erecting Cranes

Special Solutions

With over 40 years experience in the tower crane industry we pride ourselves in our ability to ascertain a customer’s requirements, assess any site limitations and suggest the most practical and cost effective lifting solution for a non-standard situation.

Transporting a tower crane to Jersey along with a mobile crane to erect it adds significantly to the overall cost of the project. We recommended the use of the exceptionally light Potain MDT 178 flat top, city crane which could be erected using a 70 tonne mobile crane. We were, therefore, able to provide our customer with the 2.7T at 50m lift capacity they required without incurring excessive shipping costs.  

The Jost JL 316 was hired to construct Travelodge’s first modular build hotel at Uxbridge. The crane was lifting 14 tonne steel modules. The crane was positioned within the collapse zone of a railway which would normally result in the lifting capacity being de-rated by 25%. However, in conjunction with the crane manufacturer we designed, manufactured and installed a collar around the tower and guyed the crane to the ground. Network Rail were able to accept the resulting additional level of stability provided extra protection for the railway line and in return agreed we need not apply the usual de-rate.     
Special Solutions

Cranes For Sale

We have an extensive range of sadde jibs and luffers available for sale including:

  • Liebherr 88HC’s, 100LC’s, 220HC’s, 160HC-L’s, 224HC-L
  • Raimondi MR60’s, MR75’s, MR90’s, MR120’s, MR180’s, MR240’s
  • Potain MC68’s, MC85’s, MCT88’s, MDT178’s
  • Jost JTL108’s, JTL158’s, JTL216’s, JL256’s, JL316’s
  • BPR GT215’s GT217’s, GT222’s, GT229’s, GT446, GT431B, GT431D, GT449
  • BKT BN75’s, BN80’s, BN105’s, BN222

All cranes are sold with full jib and 30m of tower. Additional tower is available on request.

If a static base is required please contact us to discuss availability.

All cranes are being sold with full jib and 30m tower - additional tower available on request

If a static base is required please contact us to discuss availabilitynes

Cranes For Sale

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