Bentley Advanced Materials


At Bentley Advanced Materials, we are renowned in the UK for our specialised moulding and casting using a wide variety of silicones, liquid plastics, liquid rubbers, polyester resins and foams.

Operators in specialised moulding, special effects, animatronics, armaments, vehicles and prosthetics rely on our specialised knowledge and expertise in many moulding and casting processes.

The extent of our capabilities is vast, and we offer a wide range of products from liquid plastics and liquid rubber, to smooth-on and polyester resins from AOC.

Composite Moulding

We have recently launched a new system for creating reusable silicone vacuum bags for composite moulding. The process is very quick and the bags can be used over and over again. Composite moulding is much faster, greener and cheaper than traditional methods, and is already bringing major benefits in motor racing.  

Special Effects

As the leading supplier of special moulding and casting materials for special effects, we cater for many specialist requirements in film, TV and theatre.

From the Harry Potter movies to James Bond films, we have worked in some of the most famous films in cinema over the last 15 years, and have been completely committed to helping the special effects experts achieve stunning and spectacular scenes.

Using silicones, urethanes, foams and specialised materials such as smash glass and life-casting silicone, the extent of our abilities has no limit.

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